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  1. Manfrotto's profit margin must be huge.
  2. Not as huge at Gitzo's.
  3. Those are basically for the RagingBalls of the camera world, right?
  4. I wouldn't go that far.
    They're actually really nice and really well made, but like everything, spending 4 times the price doesn't really equate to 4 times the product.
  5. Check out Sirui tripods, they're cheaper than Manfrotto but IMO just as good
  6. Just picked up this thing off Craigslist for $75. Weighs about a million pounds but it's stable as hell and I'm not going hiking with it.

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  7. Probably should have mentioned used. I buy so much used camera gear.
  8. I didn't even think of used until my GF suggested craigslist.
  9. Just ordered a GTX980
  10. Is this where she finds her sexual partners?
  11. Just had 2 GTX Titan X's land in my lap.
  12. Where the #$%# did this post even come from?
  13. burners experience with girlfriends
  14. Someone decided to randomly knife one of my wife's tires on our AWD car. So awesome to replace 3 perfectly good tires.
  15. i bought cushions. why are they so #$%#ing expensive?! i bought 4 for my couch, almost cost me 100 euro's.
  16. Some places will shave a new tire to match the tread depth on your existing tires. That you got rid of three perfectly good tires means it probably would have cost less it intentionally reduce the life of one tire to save having to buy three more new ones.
  17. this thread is farked
  18. Yeah but here's the thing, it has to be the exact same model of tire. I was going to just replace two of them, because they all had a lot of tread left, but the soonest I could get them would have been Monday next week, and I am conveniently driving this car 800 miles today.

    So I needed it done asap.

    Fvcking assholes. My pregnant, army vet, ER nurse wife got off of working a 12 shift at the hospital at 3am, walks out to her car to find a big knife puncture.

    Love how a 1" blade just instantly ruined our day and cost me about $800. Likely some jackass just mad at the hospital for whatever reason. Probably didn't get the drugs they wanted. Karma will catch them.
  19. This is what people do in America, they use Craig's List to find sexual partners. Then they usually get murdered.
  20. oh, okay.

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