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  3. I bought groceries.
  4. Boulagerie = bakery. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    What's with mixing up Français words with English mots in your phrase.
  5. Just bought a Sony a6000.
    Not for me, but I kinda like it. Might think about selling my Ricoh GR and buying an A7 so I can use my Leica glass on a digital body.
  6. Sine chocolates and flowers for my grandma. She turned 85 today.
  7. I'm my style !
  8. I was teetering between the a6000 and the k-50 i ended up getting. let me know what you think. i may still end up going smaller, but i'll end up carrying a bag either way so i'm just gonna deal with the dslr body.
  9. I bought fense material and put up a gate this weekend. Super exciting stuff here.

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  10. where did you get the fence material? think I'm going to replace a hedge with stuff of similar type to that
  11. My Mother had actually just done their whole yard in the aluminum fence and there were some leftover pieces.

    I grabbed a few ,was lucky one was an 8 foot section and of the others there was also a 4 foot one ...

    so I took the 4 foot one , hammered out the welds for the vertical bars and used the top and bottom bars to frame the 8 foot section for the gate.

    Then just home depot for the posts and concrete and some hardware. All in I did this for about $85 and it looks damn good IMO
  12. nice and agreed on the looks. I'll have to take a trip to see how much this can cost me
  13. Decided it was time to upgrade my grill

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  14. nice.

    summer temperatures, so i bought some nice cold beer. chilling on my balcony right now in the sun while having a grotten sante
  15. the best , I did that all weekend , got finished all my projects around the house and slow cooked ribs for 7 hours on sunday while having a few beers.
  16. Bought a starter motor for my truck.
  17. I bought a new laptop. Lenovo Y50 UHD. Should be awesome.
  18. Karcher k3 550 1800 psi pressure washer
  19. Tabasco seeds. Once had a nice bush, but it died and have wanted a new one ever since. 15 seeds should give atleast one decent plant.
  20. 8 more gigs of RAM for my computer and an SD card for my camera.
  21. About to order custom 3pc BBS motorsport wheels and will have my current ones up for sale.
  22. Some lenses for my camera. Got the 18-55 and 50-200 non-kit zooms off keh for a decent price.
  23. a 10$ battery for an old Razr v9
    hope it'll work
  24. does it now start?

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