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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Is that even 3G yo?
  2. lol
  3. Finally went full frame. Finally got a 35 prime. Got some stuff to go along with it.
  4. What did you go for, 5D?
    I'm more tempted than I should be by an M240.
  5. Turkish pizza. I smell like garlic now
  6. A premium subscription to!
  7. Enjoy your private forum and gallery!
  8. 1993 SVD

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  9. nice
  10. Worth more than my clean M edition hardtop Miata
  11. went to a food festival. bought a burrito and some south african lamb curry

    so #$%#ing good
  12. I believe that
  13. yes it is
  14. magsafe to magsafe2 adapter
  15. I bought two pair of pants at Hennes & Mauritz (do you even call H&M that abroad?)

    I wanted pants that truly reflected my colourful personality so I got dark blue and beige ones.
  16. I've heard of H&M, but never Hennes & Mauritz. That's too foreign for us Americans.

  17. H&M only in Canada.
  18. hahahahah
  19. I knew a girl from Kent who would call it "Hennes", but probably pronounced wrong.
  20. Was it a shitkent
  21. IT DOES!!!!

    Still runs like dogshit though. Needs professional TLC bad.
  22. congrats on step one. now you probably get to learn the magical skill of carb tuning and possibly setting points
  23. Now I get to drill and tap the broken-off bolts holding the old hot air choke tube into the intake and maybe fix the fuel leak at the carburetor (because if there's one theme to this entire project, it's a puddle of gasoline on the intake manifold on the driver's side).

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