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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. ..
  2. Periods aren't helping.
  3. It was for visual effect
  4. I'm aware. I'll ride them out as they come.
  5. Some beer at some club last night. Was there until 4. A tad tired today.
  6. zaino car wash
  7. I don't have enough spare cash for a couple of weeks but hopefully an old nikon slr + lens combo i've seen for sale will still be available by that time, as it's listed at £45 for the kit, but the lens is a £150 lens on its own.
  8. Tool box for the truck and a box of cheap wrenches.
  9. store manager for magento
  10. How'd it go
  11. Paid down some of my PayPal Credit debt.
  12. booked a long weekend away when i get home
    hot pools hell eyah
  13. It's X files, isn't it?
  14. I passed.
  15. nope

    but i did buy some new jeans today
  16. This.

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  17. Back from bookstore, got the latest issue of Rodder's Journal, and a C# reference book.
  18. TV or movie?
  19. delicousss
  20. Picked up a 6 pack of beer.

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  21. best movie of 2016
  22. X men? I thought you were in Vancouver not Montreal?
  23. Tire warmers for my Suzuki. Instant convert, so much traction.
  24. Some Schneider weisse. Nomnomnom
  25. Some refurbished i5 Dell laptop for $300.

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