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  1. I want a Nexus 5. I have an old Nexus. Its great, but itsgetting slow and the screen is burned in
  2. I've played around with a couple of Nexus 5's at work and want one. Not really worth upgrading over the 4 though.
  3. I would fix it , I missed why you can't throw the one router ( not provided by the ISP) in bridge mode ?
  4. Mostly american currency, not exclusively. I have been into notes for the past year as they are often cheaper for rarer/more interesting bills than coins.
  5. Because that's just a router, and the other device (provided by the ISP) is a router/modem that can be bridged.
  6. Mine's arriving tonight at 6-7PM after it's collected by a friend. Should be quite an upgrade from a 3 years old Nexus S with stock Android that's ultra-slow. Will wipe the hell out of the old phone, install Cyanogen and try selling it for some change.
  7. Yeah so my latest purchase is a Nexus 5, because it's finally here and working properly. Sorry for the spam.
  8. Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich and small soft drink at subway.
  9. A book about algorithms and datastructures for about 100 USD. I will be using it for my last course now so that I can finally get my degree.

    I am completely uninterested in the subject and I am solely doing it to get my degree. Most likely I will never use this knowledge ever again after the course.
  10. I bought a bar stool and a folding table
    for painting setup
    am broke
  11. thermal cycling jacket, windproof/waterproof shell, and an inbetween general purpose sort of jacket.
  12. A case of Corona and a heap of materials to build a colorbond roof over a patio I intend to fully enclose.
  13. I'm very happy with mine. It's my first smartphone. I was worried about the battery life but I've not run it out of battery yet. The speaker is shitty as the reviews say, but I don't care.

    It's super quick and responsive, that's the best thing about it. The camera is not great but it's not a big concern. The vanilla OS could use some more gadgets and customization options built-in. I do find that I'm a bit too careful with it though. I use my old phone when going snowboarding and similar. I guess that will wear off though, it seems pretty solid but I'll probably always be worried about cracking the big screen.
  14. After a few days with it, I must say it's been a huge upgrade to my smartphone experience. This thing is faster than my laptop, so I have to get used to consuming my content in a slightly different way now.
  15. 40kg of salt. if I have to buy anymore this year I'm going to be pissed
  16. You live on a glacier, get used to it.
  17. Use flipboard

    Who Uses this ?
  18. A bunch of chilli seeds. My habanero's been such an outrageous success I'm gonna go crazy with plants. Gonna turn the Bolivian Rainbow's into bonsai plants.
  19. A bunch of chilli seeds. My habanero's been such an outrageous success I'm gonna go crazy with plants. Gonna turn the Bolivian Rainbow's into bonsai plants.
  20. Is that for your deep fried chips chunky? I doubt 40kg will last you all year.
  21. Where do you buy these?
  22. May I ask... Once you're done buying a coin or note, researching it, cataloging it, putting it in plastic and then putting it in a book... Then what do you do? Do you take your book out once in a while and just like... look at your stuff?
  23. Book and magazine
  24. Front left wheel bearing for my awesome ride.
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    Incoming terrible website...
    I've got two sprouts from 12 Bolivian Rainbow seeds I planted just before Christmas. Also my Habenero plant is growing out of control and flowering like cray cray.

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