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  1. Surely you mean asphalt/concrete, not gravel?
  2. They're generally called clay rather than gravel, but yeah it's finely crushed brick or rock rather than typical paved courts.
  3. EM327 for OBD2 wifi
  4. a can of generic energy drink. 35p
  5. ?

    no gravel just like roland garros

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  6. That's a "clay" court
  7. i guess you english speaking people call it different then.

    its known as a gravel court here.
  8. its our language gtfo
  9. Some petroleum distillate...and groceries. Blueberries, to be specific. In the morning, I'm making blueberry pancakes.
  10. when making blueberry pancakes , don't mix the blueberries in with the batter.

    Instead pour the batter and then drop the blueberries once the pancakes have had a few seconds to cook.

    I use coconut oil instead of butter too.
  11. just a bunch of pork shoulder

    practice cook for when I do it for my staff for a poker night coming up.

    this was 13 hours

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  12. I was going to gently fold them into the batter once most of the lumps had been whisked out, but I've got enough blueberries and pancake mix to try both. I shall report back the results of my findings.
  13. Im pretty sure its not clay like Roland Garros. I'd put money on it that it is En tout cas, which is way cheap and way easier to maintain. Very different surface.
  14. Got a new jawb so I splurged on a pair of Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds for the gym.
  15. Bluebuds X? How do you like them? I've purchased them twice as gifts and the most I've heard back is 'they're great, thanks'

    I haven't tried in-ear phones too many times, and each time they've not sounded great - in a way that makes me think the fit was wrong. Never took the time to mess with different tips.
  16. Yup, Bluebuds X. Just ordered today, but I'll let you know.
  17. Some beer. Didnt like it very much. Tasted like banana.

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  18. the normal version of that brand is quite nice.
  19. They didn't really work for me, mostly because of fit. I have very small ear canals, and even with the smallest earpiece, they just didn't go in well and stay put when combined with the mass of the battery and electronics. The right piece just about fell out during my first power clean. YMMV.

    I'm not an audiophile by any stretch. The sound was good but I wasn't blown away. Better than the earbuds that came with my Galaxy S5, but not that much better. Perhaps if the fit was better the sound would also have been.

    In the end the only benefit was Bluetooth, and that's not worth $150.
  20. Yeah. That's why i bought it. Asumed this would be nice too

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