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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. A book of jazz piano scores, and a book of classical scores.
  2. Not mine but my fathers latest purchase

    2014 lwb , loaded , 550

    Will miss the diesel it replaced but it's a pretty sweet ride , big improvement over the car it's replacing.
  3. whats wrong with being a man
  4. bought my gf some small things like earings and stuff for valentines day (ch33sy)
  5. buying her gifts??? on valentines day??? ugh, no self respect.
  6. New proper battery for my xperia, current one only lasts a few hours on a full charge, it's 3 years old now.

    Bought a counterfeit mr fong shoe happy cigarette battery last week for little dorra, that one went on for 3 days without a charge, thing was amazing. but it won't #$%#ing charge.

    edit: I love the CAUTION *2 MASSIVE CHINESE SYMBOLS* on it
  7. fifty thousand dollars in "a few years" is a bit much...
  8. seriously.

    giving and not receiving. shell be dickhopping in no time.
  9. a couple of domains and some business cards
  10. that's being a #%[email protected]
  11. latest purchase this, and the HTC One phone I took the picture with.
  12. Who you going with
  13. A #$%#ing sick pair of black selvedge jeans. Way more than I ever thought I'd spend on jeans but I decided on them before I saw the price
  14. 1 lb of pastrami
    1 lb of beef tongue
    1 lb of kosher salami
  15. I bought like, $150 of soap. Its like, organic hand-made local soap. I don't understand the attraction, but my girlfriend picked it out for a friend of mine who will be having a kid in the next few days. Its like, mom's and baby's boxed sets of soap.
  16. daaaaaaaamn
  17. Yes please
  18. im going to buy a kindle fire hdx 7" tablet

    is that okay
  19. 843$CAD for paint and underfloor insulation
  20. jordan xx8 se's. looking forward to giving them a go on court.

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