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  1. What gins do you stock?
  2. One day I fully intend on having a house with a bar, complete with a draft system. That's going to be a pretty good day.
  3. Gin's not really my thing though, I keep it around for guests. Bulldog for mixing and Hendrick's for anyone who likes it straight. I've kept an eye out for a really premium high end gin to buy, but everyone I've asked says Hendrick's is the best. I'm looking for a bottle of Anchor Genever, after which Hendricks will become my bottom shelf gin. Any other recommendations?
  4. Draft tap at home? That's #$%#ing awesome.
  5. Anchor Genevieve is delicious (I have a bottle in my cabinet), but it's not something I'd pour for someone who asked for a glass of gin. Anchor Junipero, on the other hand, is one of my absolute favorite modern-style gins. As far as other gin recommendations, there's an awesome distillery here in the bay area called St George Spirits which makes a few different gins that are incredible (they also make the only vodka I've ever enjoyed straight, as well as a great single malt whiskey).

    Also, if you've never tried Old Raj, you should seek it out. It's infused with saffron, and is my single favorite gin, ever. I'm pretty sure it's NB's favorite, too.
  6. It'll be almost exclusively for my homebrew, too. This might be the thing that most excites me about home ownership.
  7. do you have an apartment brew now
  8. I met a dude in Calgary that owns a company setting up bars with refrigurated beer serving systems. I would love to have some beer on tap.
  9. I can't argue with Hendricks, especially when it's served right. It goes surprisingly well with Cranberry juice and lime I find. Other than that I think Old Raj is up there with Hendricks.

    To mix up a gin collection I found South Gin quite nice in terms of non-premium drinks. It's a New Zealand one, although I'm not sure how available it is outside of Australasia
  10. same, except I'm 27
  11. See, so then I'm left with the dilemma... The best gin available in Canada is Hendrick's. I can only get Anchor or Cadenhead if I buy it while travelling. And if do so, that means one less bottle of XO Cognac, aged Bourbon, or single malt Scotch that I can bring home due to border crossing limitations. So since as you say, Old Raj is "up there" with Hendrick's, and every gin page I've read online seems to agree that Hendrick's is pretty much the best, or at least on par with a couple other great gin's, and since gin isn't a priority to me, I'll just stick with Hendrick's.
  12. This thread has reminded me that I want to buy another bottle of Glenlivet 18.
  13. ohhh, don't do that... for the money you can buy such better scotches
  14. someone ( I think sandwiches) recommended this the other day , then saw it in suicide kings the next day so I had to try it.
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    1) Glenlivet 18 is delicious (and pretty inexpensive in the US).

    2) I ended up buying Aberlour A'bunadh instead:'bunadh
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    Ive really been enjoying Auchentoshan lately.
  17. The kijiji add a actually calls it a Gitoni. Gettoni. Or whatever
  18. Perfect, get that!
  19. I actually had the 12yo tonight at a friends place. Found it a bit spicy for my liking. It's got some bite to it.
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    Oh. In Canada Glenlivet 18 is like 100$, and for that money there are plenty of 16 - 18 year old Islay's that you can buy, so here it is a hardcore rip-off.
  21. I don't like the term 'man cave', because it kind of screams of the forced masculinity in suburban life. But I guess I have one. I really enjoy my music, and spend most of my free time listening to music (the TV is essentially unused). This picture was taken before I finished setting up the audio rack (it was also taken with a Canadian-designed phone. Love the noise). I'm pretty jealous of Wheelman's bar; all I have is a booze shelf on the right-hand wall, surrounded by my music collection (or the physical part of it, anyway). On weekends, you can usually find me here drinking whiskey and listening to whatever fits my mood that night.
  22. That audiophile set up makes me picture you like this...
  23. Then you should see the floor-to-ceiling Marshall amps in the music room.
  24. Then you should poast pix.
  25. I would have, but I'm pretty far from home at the moment. I'll try to remember the thread.

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