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  1. if your too lazy to get a job and afford insurance..die then
  2. through the campaign, it was clear obama wants the option too.. but getting something passed it important to his job, and ultimately the goal of any president is to be reelected.
  3. public option

    no tort reform

    care to meet me half way?
  4. regulating them so hard as to turn them into a government utility would serve most of the same purpose of the public option. it's a good alternative to the public option however it's just as despicable to the companies and the congressmen in their pockets as the public option is.
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  6. True.
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    Tort Reform Again

    Boustany also recycled an old Republican myth about changing the tort system in the U.S.

    Boustany: We do have ideas the president hasn’t agreed with. We’re grateful the president mentioned medical liability reform, and we hope he’s serious. We need to establish tough liability reform standards, encourage speedy resolution of claims, and deter junk lawsuits that drive up the cost of care. Real reform must do this.

    The problem is, there’s little evidence that medical malpractice suits actually have much effect on the cost of health care. We first wrote about this back in 2004, when President Bush was making the claim. Although one 1996 study did find that so-called "defensive medicine" added between $60 billion and $108 billion per year to the cost of health care, more recent studies have disputed that assessment. In both 2004 and 2006, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that limiting medical malpractice claims would have little effect on the overall costs of health care.
  8. I’m certainty not interested in paying higher taxes so career college students and drug users can have health care.

    Nor am I interested in losing my own health care for Obamacare when hundreds of companies decide it would be cheaper to drop their own insurance programs in favor of Obamacare.

    Finally, the government is absolutely horrible and run this kind of thing. Look how the Obamstration bungled up a 2 billion dollar car rebate program creating massive backlogs and dealers weren’t getting paid. Yet some how they’re going to efficiently run a 1 billion dollar health care program?
  9. I can only agree with you.
  10. I just think that everyone should pay for their own healthcare. If you can't afford it, #$%# you.
  11. I disagree, I understand what you mean but what about people with a handicap who may not be able to work or only work part-time.
  12. but you expect your entire community to pay for police to protect you and fire and rescue to insure your assets and rescue your drunken teens from the river?
  13. guys I'm not being serious at all, just mocking the situation and arguments of our fellows American members. I'm for free health care to every citizen
  14. damn you and your slick canadian wit
  15. The responses people gave to this are pretty typical, it's pretty much all the bullshit that has been shoved down our throats by Fox news and the right wing. Private health insurance will always be more expensive and less efficient because much of our premiums (about 40% last time I checked) go to their profits and exorbitant executive wages, in contrast the state has no interest of profiting of it's people's medical problems but solving them. Even if those issues were to be addressed with regulation, it would still not change the fact that giving private companies the monopoly on taking care of people's health is in itself a conflict of interest.

  16. hey I'm sorry ok <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  17. I don't think the US should adopt a system like what Canada or the UK currently has.
  18. No system is perfect...
  19. A system can be almost perfect, the problem is people aren't and whatever system you'll come up with, there will always be people working against the system and taking advantage of it.

    Which is the case in Belgium for example.
  20. So when you hurt yourself making crepes, do you refuse public healthcare and go to a private clinic?
  21. They can start by to stop eating shit and behaving like retards.
  22. Health insurance should be like car insurance imo.
  23. You can argue the morality of having free health care but the free market is by far the most efficient system there is iwith regards to prices. There's no way that an effective system that regulates insurance would make the free market system more expensive than a complete government run system.
  24. So all of you that are against public health care.

    Please tell what it is that is wrong with a system where everyone no matter income or social state have the same right to the best health care possible without risking going bankrupt paying medical bills?
  25. They wouldn't have the best health care possible, not only this, but a socialized system could force people who would otherwise be responsible regarding their own personal health care to lower the standard of their health care. I won't go on about multi-hour long emergency room waits in Canada. They do exist, but they're not the norm in every province at every time. But there's no doubt that waiting in line for something like a MRI, etc takes a lot more time to go through in a socialized system.

    Some people don't want to have to pay for an irresponsible person's health care at the expense of lowering the quality of their own and at their financial expense.

    Edit: What the question boils down to is whether or not it would be infringing on their rights to be forced into a socialized system at their expense, and I think it does.

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