Your personal top speed?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by tirelover, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. G60 or VR6?
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    thats freaking awesome! I'm going to Florida in a couple of weeks!
  3. Now that takes balls, you've earned my respect
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    Omg, that second video is wicked! Thank you Jeru
  5. 105 mph in my 1997 Dodge Dakota SLT 4x4 V6. I think its pretty impressive considering it has 187,600 miles (301,900 km) on it. It is still going strong.
  6. I am a member of I have gone 230 mph in my Mclaren F1, and 220 in my Enzo.
  7. That nothing compared to 260 mph in my Dauer 962.
  8. Speed on speedoman.
    220 Kph on Yahama R1 (I was passenger)
    210 Kph on Hyundai Coupe (passenger)
    195 Kph on Clio 1.5l DCi (driver)
    downhill 170 Kph (!!!!!!) on FIAT Cinquecento Suite 0.9l (driver)

  9. 105km/h my dad let me... im still on my learners
  10. 20V Turbo
    Audi TT's engine
  11. I love the Dauer 962 too, It's just such an old design, it makes me wonder hom many they still sell? Now that you can buy a Carrera GT for the same money.
  12. 135mph in my old 944 the night I got it...
  13. its a 944 turbo right?
  14. Nope, '87 944 N/A.

    The speedo said 135 MPH, but we all know that's not the most exact.

    I did 125 in my SVT Focus a couple months ago...
  15. 105 in a Saturn Ion Redline, in a 35 zone.
    125 in my 442, not even on purpose.
    100 in my f-150 (downhill) That was an amazing accomplishment
    125 in V6 Passat, racing an rx8
    100 in an Aurora
    105 in V6 Mustang
    105 in Saturn Vue V6
    110 in Saturn Ion
    100 in Land Rover
  16. went to 125 mph in my Dakota RT hitting the governor. Dammit, time to get it taken out, and next time i take the tail gate off
  17. what mods did u have done to the 944, cuz stock it'd probably take you about 5 minutes to hit that speed
  18. Any word on when your Aston will be ready, Jeru?
  19. my dad was runnin a bit late so he floored it in his saab 900se conv. and was goin around 180km/h. It was crazy i have to tell you.
  20. whoa! on a race bike? On my NORCO mountain bike i got to about 50km/h and had to stop really quickly and blew the back tire.
  21. 245km on BMW Z8

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