Your taste in music is shit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by vwdrivervw, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. terrible
  2. You missed:
    Trans X
    Toney Basil

    edit - A+ on the Meatloaf.
  3. eminem - lose yourself, aha - take on me, eurytmics - sweet dreams are the only songs worth listening to....the rest is shit.
  5. I have always really liked Picture Book.
  6. It's all shit.

    Those were the worst songs I could find in a 2 min skim of my library.
  7. Since before the HP ad?

    Download Shangri-La, better yet the whole of "Arthur".
  8. HP?

    Like the steak sauce? We don't really get those in Canada AFIK.
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    Hewlett Packard
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    I clearly don't watch enough TV / when I do it is always on Speed/Food channel.
  11. I heart:

    As I Lay Dying
    Kelly mother#%[email protected] Clarkson
    and Atreyu
  12. The Shins - New Slang
    The Cardigans - Starter
    The Flaming Lips - All We Have Is Now
    Jimi Hendrix Experience - Red House
    Of Montreal - Vegan in Furs
    The Orb - Kompania (Zandic Mix)
    The Pixies - No. 13 Baby
    Radiohead - Nice Dream
    RJD2 - Another Lover (Remix)
    R´┐Żyksopp - Go Away

    I took my Winamp and arranged by time, so these are random as you can see they are all exactly 3:53 long.
  13. What about Stabby Stabby Hate Stab. I here that is a really good song too!
  14. It's Stab My Heart Cause I Love You, Rip Apart My Skull, and of course Stabby Rip Stab Stab.

  15. Whatever. It's been a while sinse I watched it.
  16. I should make you another one. It'll be my monthy corks version of little wing.
  17. awesome! please do
  18. It really was pathetic. They were actually claiming I was the one with shit taste.
  19. Corks should appreciate this... I'm also going to the Bloc Party and TV on the Radio concert the night before and I'm going to the Islands concert on May 4th in Tucson. That's a pretty kickass series of concerts if you ask me.
  20. I have all those songs on my list except for "C.W. McCall - Convoy" andv "Dr.Hook - Queen of the Silver Dollar"
  21. Corks is jealous, thats how much he appreciates it. i really want to see banhart though
  22. What a retarded thread.

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