You're fuuuuuucked Australia

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  1. yes I know, but if everyone rips off the insurances companies you'll pay tenfold.

    I pay 100$CAD per month right now and its too much.
  2. I blame Geroge W. Bush.

    George Bush hates Australians.
  3. its that useless bunts rudds fault. johnnie and bush were bestest buddies
  4. please
    rudd will be your voice to success when china takes over the world
  5. Imagine walking down the street and seeing that!!! I would sh1t the biggest brick ever.
  6. Even the middle east people would be better prepared with their lifted SUVs and pickups (desert climbing)
  7. 40,000 houses are flooded out, and 100,000 without power <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
  8. doesnt that shithole always have these disasters? not that i pay attention to none important bullshit like this
  9. Will Queensland be rebuilt?
  10. Not really. Australia never really has bad natural disasters except for droughts, and the odd cyclone.
  11. bush fire's.
  12. It actually floods quite a lot, particular inland. This particular flood is getting lots of attention because it's affecting metropolitan areas.

    There was widespread flooding in Western Queensland last year, for example.
  13. Too bad there weren't any VLs in that parking strip.
  14. true that.
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  18. heard there are bullsharks now as well? haha jesus.
  19. It's just a sign of financial failure. People who abuse it think that it's going to help them but it really doesn't.
  20. Yeah, it's already not allowed to swim in the Brissie river due to bull sharks living in it.... now it's all flooded, houses with open doors and open fridges means open world for sharks.

    Gonna check my work place out today.
  21. How is Perth, Western Australia?
  22. fine

    its pretty much another country any way
  23. I couldn't watch the video after reading "Toowoomba".
  24. Chumbawamba
  25. Maybe Perth, Western Australia like this now

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