youth unrest rattles Denmark

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by stewacide, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. on the contrary. i admit you talk outta your ass. and right now there's big dildo up your ass.
  2. poast ur pic QT
  3. How can I talk out of it if there is a dildo there?
  4. have you heard of sign language?
  5. Yes, the kind deaf people use, what about it?
  6. Since when can you sign with your ass?
  7. Why is it everywhere muslims gather there is trouble/
  8. that completes my point. you're not only a homo with a dildo up his ass but deaf like the rest of your family.
  10. So if I HEARD of sign language that means I'm deaf?
  11. These same people torching cars onsunday will be queuing on monday to receive their monthly 3rd wife socialcontribution help.
  12. i herd you liek buttkipz?
  13. lul
  14. if it was before you lost your hearing then obviously you were not deaf. but now you're a deaf homo zionist with a dildo courtesy of olmert or rather ol'merd.
  15. Lol, no we just don't like Islam since it's destroying our country.

    We do something that could offend Islam people get death threats.
    We look in the general direction of Islam, people get beaten up.

    Yet Muslims are responsible for 50% of all rapes and just around 40% of all crime here. I am sorry I find it hard for the Zionist to arrange all this by himself.
  16. no u
  17. looks like your legal system can't distinguish between criminals and muslms. i don't see how cartoons targeting islam can fix your problem with criminals.
  18. But seriously though, if a muslim is torching a car then the muslim is a criminal.
  19. You are the biggest idiot to post on this site yet. It pisses me of that most of the pricks who do this, not only gets wellfare benefit but they work anyways without paying any taxes to the system that supports them every month. Then because the traditions and customs, of the country they themselves chose to immigrate to, doesen't suit them, then they go and torch and destroy other peoples property. I mean WTH don't you people know any kind of respect?
  20. looks like you can't distinguish between fact and fiction. In fact, that seems to be a common thread in Islam
  21. I hope they reprint the cartoon again on the front page of the newspaper for the rest of the year.
  22. it's in the bible: an eye for an eye.

    if you disrespect god and his prophets then you have stripped yourself of respect. that's god's law. it doesn't matter if it is jesus, mohammad, or moses.

    this's where religion draws the red line for democracy. just like in a democracy you draw the red line for privacy.
  23. "looks like your legal system can't distinguish between criminals and muslms"

    You know, you just might be on to something there. Muslims = criminals. In this case, that seems about right.

    Cartoons have targeted other religions all the time, and they don't go out and torch cars and kill people. What's your guys' problem?
  24. looks like you don't know the difference between my door and the toilet's door. if you step in i'll blow you away sucker.
  25. Sure it can, there is just a HUGE overrepresentation of Muslims that are criminal, even if you take out social aspects Muslims are still 12.5% more criminal than other people in this country.

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