Youtube begins move to1080p next week.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by ali84, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. When is Youtube, Hulu and all that other shit going to start charging for there service?
  2. I don't own a computer with a 1920x1080 pixel screen.
  3. The day I stop going on youtube.
  4. I do.
  5. DAMN
  6. I also
  7. DAMN
  8. They don't need to. They're an advertising-based revenue generator.
  9. they should fix their site first. it's being incredibly slow lately and coming up with errors all the time. and no, i'm not the only one.
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    ummm sites like Hulu are switching to pay soon

    More websites about the site turning to pay are online if you're bored you can google it. Youtube is another site that was considering going pay but I haven't heard anything for about a few months now about it.
  11. I can't wait to see, since they throttle the connection.
  12. same here.
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    Could a site like YouTube start charging? Most of the content on their site is owned by third-parties. They would probably make far more from advertising revenue than they would if they started charging a subscription fee.
  14. Doesn't #$%#ing matter, cause youtube can't come CLOSE to handling that sort of bandwidth, an nor can the vast majority of their viewers stream at that bitrate
  15. Its YOUtube not JEWtube
  16. It IS JEWtube.

  17. Owned ny christians, the biggest JEWS of all
  18. they need to stop worrying about more pixels and stop compressing the living shit outta the videos, creating artifacts to the extreme
  19. I have a TV that does and I watch Youtube videos on it frequently.

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