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  1. I have a social life because I know how to manage my time very well and because I am extremley well organized.
  2. do you have enough ram for multitasking
  3. reported
    he has one of those flawed intel processors
    not cool man
  4. Rob Chapman-Andertons music, guitar stuff
    HillClimb Monsters

    Internet Historian

    Knob Feel



  5. i dont mean to be ableist
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  6. its your flesh privilege
    you would never understand his mechanical struggles
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  7. I also watch these videos.

    I should actually go for some guitar lessons this year, I think. That, and actually sort out a working electric.
  8. #stablegenius
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  9. Hemi does have a pretty awesome channel in that list. Hickok45, is one of the very best at talking in front of the camera. And sometimes spends 30 minutes or more in front of the camera without cutting.
  10. Do you have a brain and do you fucking know how to use it???? If yes, cut the usual and useless BS.
  11. sorry sir
  12. More unusual BS is fine.
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