youve just won the lottery

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by SuperSonic, May 12, 2012.

  1. none.

    I'd buy one of every Triumph TR ever made (not in perfect condition but cars that need work). they I'd buy an original 930 and possibly a Testerossa.
  2. okay but please vote for your fav group.. thanks!
  3. I like the Porsche pack, the most variation, though if I were to have a CGT already, I'd probably switch the GT2 for a Cayman or Boxster or something. I like the Aventador but I don't give a shit about Audis. The SLS is awesome but I've seen too many Maybachs by now. Oh well, I could make this a very long post, but I went with the Porsches.
  4. im not going to buy a prepackaed supersonic pack id like to mix and match my own
  5. what is a ferari f12
  6. I'd buy an S65 as my big fancy purchase.

    Then I'd fill up my "stupid cars no one else likes" garage.
  7. what is a ferrari f70
  8. great thread, chevy
  9. thanks for the votes and insight
  10. btw I was aiming for coupe , 4 seater, supercar from each make.

    you can say which combo you would go for if I didnt list one you like..
  11. GT3 RS 4.0, BMW M5, Pagani Zonda 760RS
  12. G55 AMG
    Ferrari 612
    MV Augusta F4
  13. bmw 7 series matte black paint, 22s and monster energy drink stickers

    Cadillac Escalade chip foose edition with spinners, memphis 15s and BORLA exhaust. oh and supercharged so it can beat mustangs

    mitsubishi evo with blacked-out tail lights with hot bikini model in passenger seat wearing ufc tshirt
  14. If i haaaad to pick out of those, I guess Id go for the Lambo/Phaeton/Bug. I just really love the SS.
  15. Out of those choices, McLaren McLaren McLaren.
  16. Agera R is all I need
  17. Every Chrysler Lebaron.
  18. I'd get a Ferrari F70, Aston Martin DB8, and a Lamborghini SUV
  19. wish i won the birth lottery
  20. G55 , Zonda f , GT3

  21. Somewhere along the way, I decided that supercars and hypercars are WAAAAY to flash for me. Fun, I'm sure, but I would feel like a total retard driving around in one, except maybe a fully tracked out version that I used literally only on the track.

    I'd go with more inexpensive cars than fewer expensive cars.
  22. Most cars I like are worth less than 10k nowadays, most less than 5.
  23. because supercars are awful to drive all the time

    if I'm going to have a car that can do ~200 mph I'd rather it have more than two seats and double glazed windows so I don't have to listen to all the fixie riders yelling about their freedoms and their organic hydroponic tomato collectives

    look at youtube if you need proof that most supercars spend their time being driven at 30 mph just to park in front of some hotel so someone can snap some sweet snaps of it at f/2.8 and post them on a website
  24. under the guide for those 3 types of cars I'd take Citroen DS19, Bentley Brooklands, and a Porsche 930 turbo

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