youve just won the lottery

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  1. Fair enough. I admit the looks are pretty unusual but it still has style, I think its better than the 612 it replaced.
  2. YES. Nikon D4 or D800 and a Leica m9
  3. Well if it's the kind of money that will get you three supercars, why not all 3, plus a whole bunch of high end primes.
  4. Yeah true that.
  5. it doesn't have style. it says your wife wouldn't let you buy a 2 seater so you got stuck with that turd.
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  8. The ff isnt beautiful but i love the looks. Then again i love any kind of outrageous looking hatchback
  9. the 456 is pretty much the only 4 seat Ferrari I'd ever want to own.
  10. you mean you don't want a 412? lol
  11. IMO the 612 is underrated. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  12. I kind of do want a 412 actually. but only for its engine to put in some kit car.
  13. there's a 412 in my city and i like it. i dig the 612 as well btw. looks ugly in pics, but pretty impressive irl.
  14. yeah it's a pretty imposing car. I love the rounded back end
  15. Yeah exactly.
  17. Lol Prepackaged Supersonic Supercar Pack

    Anyways I've been working on my list since this thread was created and I've nailed it down supersonic

    New S8
    F250 platinum turbodiesel
    Cooper S

    Wait how many cars do I get supersonic
  18. Maybe I want a plain mclaren f1
    Are any any for sale
    is that realistic
  19. GT, 4 seater, supercar.. anyways its up to you.
  20. Ok I can do without the cooper
    Hate driving in big cities anyway
    Probably just use some lotto money to hire a cab

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