Z06 = GTR killer pt2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. so you speak for everyone on here now?
  2. no wonder then, you have no idea what real power feels like, esp on the street.
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  4. Yes.

    Only FAGGOTS like you like drag racing and roll racing and other #%$gy things like that while normal people actually go to proper race tracks to find out what they're worth in car.
  5. Arent you the same clown that drives that turdcel or something?
  6. On topic now, Id love to see how bad the new 500hp turbo owns the GTR.
  7. No. Now stfu.
  8. well your fear of actually going fast led me to believe.

    Oh well, you can get your import loving #%!@ ass out of here now then.
  9. drag racing is like regular racing with the tougher parts taken out
  10. yep, its infinitely more fun to drive around in 200hp econoboxes than getting pushed back in the seat by 600hp V8.
  11. and lol @ the people who think the z06 is a straight line only car.

    Doesnt that GTR fail even worse at the ring? 7:54 at best in independent hands LOL.
  12. Yeah the G forces are so enormous anyone who drives 300hp econoboxes like Sebastien Loeb is impressed by that.
  13. There is only one type of fun in the world right? I mean how can a topping 180 ever be exciting?

    holy shit you are such a dumb#$%#.
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    I don't think literbikes should be purchasable by someone with less than five years of riding experience.
  15. because you are an idiot.
  16. No.

    It's just that I realize most of those bikes are made solely to win championships--not be driven around on public streets. Putting a beginner on anything more than a 400cc is reckless and I wish the US would institute a graduated license system for bikes.
  17. DRIVING, thats the point, when you drive you use stuff such as a "steering wheel", when in drag racing it's pretty much useless.
  18. so you think riding around on a 400cc moped will prepare someone for the punch of a literbike?

    Like I said, you are an idiot.
  19. Who said you can only drag race or only road race?

    Point is lessening the importance of straight line speed is stupid.
  20. Clearly you don't understand what the word 'graduated' means.

    Beginner: 400cc or less
    Intermediate: 600cc or less
    Advanced: Open to whatever
  21. The gsxr1000 my brother got has a mode selector which cuts the power in half. But I guess he wouldnt be able to have it under your graduated license system. lol.

    Like Ive said twice, you are an idiot.
  22. And its not even that fast at full power, sure its a shock in the beginning but you get used to it.

    You though will probably shit your pants in the half power mode.
  23. And what do you know about sportbikes except what youve played on your playstation?

  24. i bet he always used it
  25. lol @ not being fast

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