Z06 = GTR killer pt2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. "that fast"

    cant read?
  2. shut up, fast and that fast are not a unit of measure, and if they were a gsxr it's hella fast.
  3. god you fail so hard at english. seriously can you even understand these words right now?
  4. god you are so good @ changing arguments.
  5. dude, not my fault you dont understand shit.
  6. i'm not the one who doesn't understand.
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    so? you are still the one who thinks that a gsxr is not that fast.
  9. dude you get used to it. Hell, I was driving a clk black two weeks ago and that actually felt a bit slow.
  10. get used =/= slow
  11. Man the Z06 really sucks. It has to be modified to beat a "Datsun" lol
  12. this thread is pure entertainment
  13. We kinda have a similar system here:

    Class 2b = 200cc or less
    Class 2a = 400cc or less
    Class 2 = Open class.

    Though id prefer it to be in your order, ours is a little too tight.
  14. yep, All racing that isn't drag racing is done with cars 200hp or less.

    Formula What?
  15. Truthness.

    Z06 = UBER SHIT
  16. "Not that fast" means it's not as fast as a previously mentioned benchmark. For instance, "So, your car can do 200MPH?" "No, it's not that fast, it goes 180MPH." In this context it means it's not as fast as the previously mentioned 200MPH.
  17. atleast it doesnt shit out its transmission after a hard launch.
  18. lol @ GTR's warrenty being void when using launch control.
  19. shame that there were not previously mentioned benchmark, he simply said that it is not that fast.
  20. haha good lord.
  21. just stop posting, you are useless.
  22. You should probably just get a Desmosidici RR. You could handle it if a GSXR is slow for you
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    Again, like i said, the gixxer is fast but youre not going to go HOLY SHIT IM GOING TO DIE after a few months on it. you get used to the power.

    Here is a friend of mine who is 21 and hes already modding the hell out of his because hes used to its power after almost a six months of riding it.

  24. Why does everyone hate on the Z06. I dont get it its like just cause it pisses all over a bunch of fast cars in performance tests all these fanboys wanna come and hate on it.
  25. torque makes them shit their pants. theyd rather have altima like power delivery of the gtr.

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