Z06 = GTR killer pt2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. you like torque up your ass, #%$got.
  2. stop posting random shit.
  3. lol, you are the one who write stuff about shitting in the pants, isnt it random shit? #%$got.
  4. good #$%#ing god
  6. Dude what are you #%$s even arguing about?
  7. "lol, you are the one who write stuff about shitting in the pants, isnt it random shit? #%$got."

    your guess is as good as mine. wtf is this guy on about?
  8. because its an American made piece of shit. Simple as that, its GM's only good vehicle, all the rest are inferior compared to others in their class.

    Im serious when I say modern American cars are trash, and the only people who support the McPlastic shitcans, are the mouth breathing retards who still cling on to the "glory days" believing their stupid HHR or whatever is built in the homeland.
  9. never seen a bike get wrapped around tree/lamp post/telephone pole. I get a feeling I'll see it on youtube soon though.
  10. new CTS-V is not trash by any scale.
  11. Its a thing called power to weight ratio the GT-R doesn't have either of the two on its side when racing a Z06 its no surprise that the Corvette would pull away like that modified or not. Besides there is Z06s that are hitting 10s stock I wanna see a GT-R which is unmodified pull that off.
  12. now put them through some turns with average drivers and watch the gtr walk away with it
  13. lol @ ron simmons
  14. haha ya its an american pos that #%!@ slap just about anything you can throw at it for a third of the price. the Z06 is legit i dont see y all you euro and asian fanboys cant respect it for what it is.
  15. 7:42 ring time= Z06
    7:54 ring time=GTR
  16. total and complete ownage.

    now watch the excuses fly from the gtr fanboys.
  17. doesn't the Z06 pull like a 1.04 g on the skid pad?
  18. slightly more than that
  19. average drivers lol!
  20. hahaha
  21. holy g's bat man?
  22. Z06 owns GTR LOL
  23. ya lol GTR is SHIT wat a peece of trash wtf wood wont a POS lyk a GTR lol z06 is way more cooler than a GTR see how it is farster?!?! OMG i cummed.
  25. who decided to compare a skyline to a vette, the vette is always going to win you should compare a skyline to a lancer or a rx7 or a impreza

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