Z06 = GTR killer pt2

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. skidpad means you havea lot of grip, not that your car can use it well
  2. an RX7, lancer or impreza wouldn't hold a candle to a GTR at the 'ring..but the ZO6 would shit all over these cars, anyways.
  3. Except the GTR, which makes the Z06 look like a plastic hot wheels toy.
  5. Ken and Barbie had a Corvette. enough said.

    z06 is for gays and girls.
  6. a z0 would crap all over those cars without problem for sure yeah, but you should compare jap cars with jap cars not some american super car
  7. the corvette arnt for #$%#n gays its like sayn monster trucks are for granys
  8. The Zo6 isnt a supercar. it's shit.
  10. compared to the z06, the skyline is shit you can compare the skyline to any corvette and you will get the same result
  11. Z06 would eat GT-Fail alive, that 3rd button works great every time it comes down to racing.
  12. The interior melts in the sun.
  13. haha that pic is so true
  14. what the fuc do you mean lancers rx7s and imprezas wont hold a candle around the ring there in the same leuge in the touring car cup in europe except for the rx7
  16. it may not be as good as some ferraris and some lambos butits a super car in its own right
  17. It's a sports car, like the Miata. The GTR is what you call a supercar.
  18. a skyline... a super car... LOL your hilarious man
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    Just check out it's Nurburgring laptime, quicker than a Koenigsegg, is the Koenigsegg not a supercar?! You can check out the video here:
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    7:54 is not quicker than a k'segg
  21. Check the video again dude, you must have read it wrong.
  22. whow, that really suprised me 7:29 around the ring in AUTO, whow, and if you think that im supprised about that skyline doing that lap time in stock, well your wrong nissin is a cheat no stock skyline in the world is that quick it would have to be customized not much just enough to give it the edge around the couners, cross drilled brake pads, slike tyers, suspention besides the cars top speed looked a little slow for a super car and as in a little slow i mean ALOT slower, and the koenigsegg is a super car no shit asswipe
  23. The gtr is for dumbass ric3 boys and midgets.
  24. Your opinion is useless and shit.
  25. a third world country man can't understandthat,it is too difficult for him

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