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    wrong, wrong again, tested by Auto und Sport it hit only 202mph at Nardo and the mph/1000rpm proves that fact
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    202 mph is exactly 325 kph.

    -- LuisR
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    I agree with whoever said that these two cars are not comparable. My friend has a Z06, and my mom has an SL500. The Z06 is cheap, fast as hell, and handles like a racecar. The SL500 is automatic, convertible, heavier, and not meant to be stuck on a racetrack. Although, The SL is the pimpest car i've ever seen, everytime i see one, it just keeps getting better. As for Corvettes, they all look the same. I'm an import kid, by the way.
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    Well done, I can't belive that guy said it "only" does 202mph! What a moron. Anyway, the Z06 will never touch a car like this. I'm sure that if the SL55 was on level weight terms with the Z06, the story would be different as far as both 0-100km/h and 0-400m are concerned. Why do these Corvette lovers automatically assume that just because their beloved Z06 is faster in a straight line, it is better overall? A few quick Nürburgring laps would send the Z06 lovers home crying for one reason or another, whether that be the comprehensive thrashing the Z06 would receive, or the fact that they would have to walk around the circuit picking up bits and pieces which fell off the 'vette during the first lap.
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    Z06 is faster anyway then SL's 155mph cuz corvette has 175!!!
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    u should also remember that there's a thing which stops the sl 55 amg to go over 155 miles per hour. well wot im tryin' to say is that if u take that thing off da sl would definitely beat da zo6 in a race.
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    OMG, not another comparo involving the Z06! SL55 would chop the Z06 up.
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    Sigh, there's a video of the Z06 whoppin the hell out of the SL55. Go find it, watch it, then start yappin.
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    yeah, i heard about it, how the SL55 AMG gets the jump on the Z06 off the line but the Z06 comes back and chops the merc from behind. haven't seen it though.
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    How can you even compare these 2 cars they are completely different.

    The Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG is a much more exclusive, sophisticated and Better Looking car. It is also a much more enjoyable driving experience than the Z06 and how could it not be, The SL55 has more than 80% if it's 700nm of torque available from 1800rpm. Where as the Z06 you have to ring it's neck in comparison to the SL55 to make the same power.

    Did i mention that the SL55 does 0-300 in 27seconds
    which is faster than any other production car.
    Last time i checked the Z06 isn't even capable of reaching this speed. With the limiter of the SL55 removed the car can easily reach 310km +

    I think the SL55 wins this comparo hands down.
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    also, the Z06 used slicks the get that 0-100 time of 3.9 secs.
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    27 seconds? I'm not so sure.
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    here in germany the corvette is a total pimp car, mostly club owners with long hair and pitbull dogs drive those. This is typical american thinking : this car is faster so i buy it. sure the corvette is cheaper cause it hasnt all the high tech in it. all the active body controll, keyless entry, automatic close doors and all the gimmicks costs money. the complex open mechanism of the top alone is a wonder.
    There is no rattling sounds when you drive all solid build. no wonder that is expansive but still a bargain when you compare it to other manufactors like ferrari or lambo.The corvette is just a big inefficent V8 engine and a crappy built car. the speed limit is a gentleman agrement if you order a SL you can choose if you want the limiter or not. Mercedes never make cars to sporty they are stylish comfortable luxury cars and sporty together great for all day driving. the mercedes driver wouldnt car that the corvette has a better acceleration he would just laugh about the pimp corvette driver and cruise away. i would prefer a M3 instaed of the corvette, better build quality, more class, all day driving, exciting high tech engine.
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    First off, as many of us have said, the SL 55 AMG is in a different class, so even before you start to compare, your comparison is way off. Second, If you were to go ahead and compare the two anyway, the Benz would win in the top speed category (with the limiter off), but would probably lose to the Z06 in braking, handling, and accelerati-on. The SL 55 AMG is waaaaay to heavy to beat the handling of the Z06. The Z06 would take the corners quicker and have a higher lateral acceleration. Why? Simply because it is a lot more lighter, slightly lower, and it has got thicker tires, all in hopes to cheat the laws of physics. The Z06 also supposedly has the best stability system and traction control in the world. And as a matter of fact, Mercedes' stability system is known to be very intrusive, dramatically slowing the car down when taking corners. Trust me I know, because a lot of the car magazines complain about it, and I also happen to own a Benz.
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    ok but like seriously, wat would u rather have? a z06, or a nice Mercedes SL 55 AMG? I'm not saying z06's are bad and they suck or anything, but i mean just compare the two cars. The SL 55 has a way nicer interior, and its got way nicer styling IMO. The Mercedes would be a lot more comfortable and more practical real life. Plus, when you are in real life, you don't have a need for super fast speed. The fastest you're probably ever going to go is 150 mph, or maybe a little more for you super car drivers out there. Whenever i see a SL 55 pass by i stare at it and admire its beautiful styling while thinking in my head "Im definately gonna get that car if i can when im older". However, when a z06 passes by, i dont look twice at it. I mean theres so many corvettes out there these days, they just arent so special anymore. I like corvettes and would love to own a z06, but i dont think this is a good comparison.
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    the zo6 is a quality american muscle car..but the sl55 has it beat by far, the looks the speed(without the limiter) and it handles amzingly well. Also its a mercedes which means excellent maintnence records and u can drive alot farther on the engine
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    *Sigh* Being that I work at an MB dealership, and have been in this arguement, I think I counted 5 times now, I just can't help but open my big mouth. =) Anyway, you say that these two cars are in two different classes, and shouldn't be compared. I tend to dissagree. They are in the same class. But they are marketed towards different consumers. And most of you seem to think that either the SL totally can waste the Z06 in everything, or vise versa. Accually when it comes down to performance, these cars are pretty close. But, when it does come down to "performance", the Z06 is dominant. If you look at what both the manufacturers were trying to build, you can see why. The SL was basically made to be the best way an 80 year old man can get a 24 year old hottie to sit next to him. So they basically took this car, Designed the interior to be sporty, yet comfortable. They build the suspension to be sporty, yet confortable. They threw the speed shift system. Being that it's not a full manual, it was sporty, yet confortable. They threw on a retractable hard top for convenience. They added all these convenience options which just added weight. The car is heavy, and therefore would feel alittle sluggish in the handling and performance. Then when you look at the Z06, Chevrolet basically tried to build the fastest car they can and be within their budget. Look at the interior. It's built around the driver, to keep him in place. They built the suspension to be stiff as hell, though they still needed to keep it streetable. They throw a full manual 6-speed transmission in it to get close ratios to allow the car to accelerate faster, though I will admit that 6th gear is totally useless when your racing. They used a rear transaxle to help the even the weight distribution. They used light weight materials. And Chevrolet threw in alot of power in the engine to help make the car faster and more of a performer. You know why MB threw in alot of power into the SL? To help that 80 year old man get laid, and so he can brag to all his friends. Now, when I say that the Z06 is going to be a better all around performer, I mean it for someone who accually know's how to race a car properly. If you throw in an amateur behind the wheel of a Z06 and an SL55, they're gonna do better with the SL. The SL is more of a forgiving car. If you pushed a SL too hard into a corner, ESP will start firing away, as well as ABC begins to work, saving your ass. But if you dare push a Vette too hard, kiss your ass goodbye. Your in the ditch. But, take someone who accually knows what their doing, and thow him behind the wheel of both cars and send him on a road course, he's gonna do better with the Z06. The SL wasn't ment to be a track car. I forgot to mention that the SL is also drive-by-wire. And if you ever driven a newer MB hard, you will notice a lot of lag in the throttle response. You definately don't want to be heading for a hairpin corner and let off the gas to slam on the brakes, to have the throttle on the car to finally let up a half a second after you did. Definately not gonna help your lap times. The SL is specifically ment for the street. I accually drove an SL55 today. when I hit the gas, it threw me into my seat pretty hard. It applied the power quite smoothly. I thought it was pretty damn fast. I've never driven a Z06, but I have driven a '97 Viper GTS. The basic feel of the viper was alot faster. When I nailed the gas on the Viper, it was more of a sh*t your pants fast. Being how much heavier the SL is compared to the viper and the vette, the SL will be more sluggish in it's acceleration, breaking, and cornering. But I would admit that I could not drive a Viper everyday. The interior is uncomfortable as hell! But the interior wasn't ment to be comfortable. It was ment to give you the best control over the vehicle. The corvette is pretty much the same way. Of course I do think the vette is much more comfortable than the viper, according to my build. My point being, I'm just trying to get you guys to not be so bias in your opinions about these two cars. I think both cars are kick ass cars. But were built for two different purposes. SL=street, and Z06=street/track. Also a few things I'd like to add. The Z06 is capable of going faster, if it was geared right. The rated top speed of the Z06 is how fast it can go in 5th gear until it hits redline. Like I said before, 6th gear is totally useless in racing, and is only there to give the car good milage. If chevy wanted to make the car faster, they could have easily w/ just a little modification in the gear ratio, but chevy probably didn't think it was necessary for the car to go any faster. I mean, how many road courses out there are gonna allow a street car to even go that fast? And someone else mentioned that the SL is governed at 155, unless you want MB ungovern it. Totally untrue. No Mercedes-Benz dealership, nor will the manufacturer remove this limitor. The only way to reprogram via aftermarket (Rentech i think they're called. I'm sure other can do it) companies. I think they charge a pretty penny too to do it. Also, I heard alotta of people say that the SL looks alot better. I don't know about that. It's a matter of opinion, so probably shouldn't be used to compare these cars, unless it's for your personal comparison. Me personally, I think the SL looks more luxurious, and the Z06 more sporty. So basically to conclude my novel here, (if your reading this section, I'm accually shocked that you read this whole thing) I don't want people to say that the SL will totally whoop on the Z06 or vise versa. because ultimately the better car for the street would be the SL. The better car for the track would be the Z06. If the resale value of both cars were the same, and I was givin a choice on one, well, being that I love heading to the track for some weekend timetrials or autocrossing, I'd take the Z06 in a heartbeat. But that's my preference, and what I look for in a car. If you aren't much of a racer, and want a car that you can show off in, and drive around on a daily basis, by all means, I think the SL would be perfect.
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  23. I would pick a SL55, but the Corvette is faster
  24. I would pick a SL55, but the Corvette is faster

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