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  1. You're lying.
  2. Thank you.
  3. The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is much more attractive than the Z06.
  4. I agree it's a beautiful car. It's just going for a different look. IMO the Martin goes for the classy sports car look, whereas the Z06 goes for the badboy look.
  5. Who cares? Arguing about cars is trivial, childish, and lame.
  6. THe Z06 looks adolescent. The Aston is a classy car.
  7. That's your opinion, and I disagree.
  8. You've never posted dissenting opinions about a car before?
  9. Not that I can recall.
  10. If you discuss cars at all I find that hard to believe. But since I can't recall a specific incident I'll take your word for it.
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  14. He's selling it to buy a house, but it's still bizzaro.
  15. No fair. I never win expensive things, I have to work for stuff. Your friend is lucky as hell.
  16. WRONG

    The correct answer is Mazda Miata.
  17. Pedigree is as important as hp/L.
  18. I'd have to do the same. I hope he gets a good price for it.
  19. Lucky ass mother#$%^&*
  20. He's not pushing people's buttons. He just has the same logic as vette fan(boy)s. Impreza S204>Z06 FFS!!!
  21. Aside from Evo's Richard Meaden, I don't know of too many other motoring journalists with back problems. But even Meaden didn't complain about the ride or noise. However, he did say:
    "we remain awed at its pace, bowled over at the level of improvement over the standard Corvette C6, and incredulous at its bargain price and how it combines 500bhp with everyday practicality."

    Even with the runflats, the Z06 was quieter at a 70-mph cruise than the F430 and 997 Turbo in C&D's comparo. Not that Clarkson would understand that runflats generally ride worse, and combined with a car's cargo hatch, can amplify noise...
  22. Black*
  23. so you can't see the build quality/details...

    Actually thats a good idea!
  24. Is the S204 actually faster, or was it just one video?
    Regardless, the vast majority of PB's comments don't mention the S204.
  25. the chevy z06 is classy? gtfo. it's super vulgair. all american (muscle) cars are vulgair btw.

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