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  1. Z06 owns. Everyone who says otherwise just doesnt like it because they refuse to believe an American car for 70 grand can beat thier precious Porsche or Ferrari.
  2. You're mostly correct. Corvettes have a young attitude and are intended to be sold to many people. AMs have a much more exclusive and prestigious flavor. They're also more luxurious because they're targeted at an older crowd.
  3. It's funny how people think that lap times are so important until you start discussing American cars.
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  5. It's very important to a TON of people.

    I don't know if there's people that actually buy a car based on their HP/L...
  7. I'm not talking about the Z06 vs Murcielago vs Skyline vs S204 video, but in other video I've seen the S204 post a time attack that was like 3 seconds better than the Z06's.

    It probably is faster than the Z06 around a tight track, like Tsukuba.

    It's the end of the world.
  8. Tons of people are influenced by hp/L when choosing a car. They're no worse than people who care about pedigree.
  9. Ok, 2 videos. Who cares? Even if it is faster, it's not going to bother more than a few people.
  10. If he's not just pushing buttons, then he obviously hates the Z06. Look how much he posts about it in this thread and others. If he's not obsessed with the Z06 far more than any fanboy, then he's just pushing buttons. I don't mind that, even though he does it in a juvenile way.
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  12. AHAHAHA!
  13. Corvettes are more burnout-targeted cars, despite their impressive track performance. It's more countach-y in styling, with over-the-top ridiculousness.

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  15. 1.)It's far more subtle than a Countach.
    2.)The Countach's styling is still very popular.

    I agree with the burnout comment. Corvettes are cool like Harley Davidsons, rather than nerdy like Porsches.
  16. Why has Honda been steadily increasing their displacement?
  17. *Corvettes are functional, like overall jumpsuits, rather than Porsche business suit stylish
  18. Realistically, though, the Corvette does share a degree of Countach-ness, with the sharp edged bulges and all that, though it is nowhere near as outlandish. Burnouts aren't now, nor will they ever be, cool.
  19. Agreed.
  20. Its a 427 man, they wanted the classic.
  21. BM is about as biased as Top Gear. The hometown hero nearly always wins, but its still a fantastic program to watch. You're probably right about the S204, though. The Z06 is running run-flats, the S204 is running some serious rubber (that's stock, for what its worth). That would make up for the 200bhp difference.

    On another note, I do love that S204, though. I'd love to see that against the British Evo IX FQ-XXXs. That'd be a race.
  22. STFU Corevetes are shit.
  23. Get with the times, old man. Harleys aren't cool.
  24. Just got back from a drive to go get gas. There are not enough on-ramps in the world. Jesus tittyfvcking Christ, that car is awesome. It's just surreal to break the speed limit before redline in first gear. Invitation still stands, Panda. You find a way up here, you get a ride.
  25. I'll do it.

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