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  2. A True Classic.
  3. It's a hell of a lot of fun, about the best sound a V8 can make. I'll see if I can get a video sometime.
  4. That'd be cool to watch and hear.
  5. how much extra power does all that chrome make?
  6. It doesnt, really. Just looks awsome.
  7. O RLY?
  8. Yes RLY...

    This thread took a dump...time for an enema!

    The Porsche 997 can't produce shit without R-compound tires!

  9. WORD
  10. i would love to hear some C6 Z06 versus ri-c-er kill stories.

    You know some of them must pull up ignorantly thinking that their body kit and intake, slight mods will get them the win.
  11. that cutlass is awesome
  12. It's an old piece of shit that can't handle.
  13. I kept reading, hoping it would get better, but this thread is totally worthless.

    I love the Z06, simple as that. If they ripped out the interior, didn't offer padding on the seats, no carpet, no radio, nothing but bare bones I'd like it even more. But, unlike many, I'm interested in performance, and that's what this car delivers. Is it the fastest car around a track? Not by a longshot. Would I prefer it over a Subie that I will inevitably see some baggy clothes, backwar cap wearing G-Funk driving while doing a drive by? A resounding YES, even if the Subie is faster when driven by giggling 97lb, slow shifting Japanese fellows.

    As far as "Bang for your buck" goes, it was around LONG before it was used pertaining to cars, simple as that. It has a VERY wide spectrum of uses, if you can't understand that... I don't even want to know.
  14. get a proper avatar and a personality, then you can comment
  15. Keep editing, it's still not right.

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