z3 m roadster or z4?

Discussion in '2001 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by SpeedwaGod, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. i would pick the m roadster over the z4. The z3 m roadster is better in every way (as i have seen so far). i also think it looks better.
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    Was there ever really a need for this comparison? I mean, the Z4...I wouldn't go as far as ugly, but the design isn't nearly as good as the Z3.
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    M Roadster.
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    none of them, they are both ugly and slow.
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    wait for the M4 then make this comparison
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    Wait for the M4?Lol man ...M4 will not be a Z4...
    Anyway they said there not gonna be a Z4 M Roadster/Coupe...

    My choice :

    Z3 M Roadster all the way guys.
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    m roadster
    bad mans car
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    They? Who's they? Your dumbass friends that think they know everything about cars? Please. BMW has already stated that it will be making a Z4 M and it will contain the same 3.2L 330 horsepower engine that the latest M3 has.

    So, you should wait until they do start production on the Z4 M and then maybe compare those two cars.
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    id take this even though its only 1 sec faster in the 0-100k( i really hope that figure is wrong) i wish they would make the z4M or whatever youd call it.
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    I would stick with my S2000 anyday. I have 415rwhp and spent about the same amount as you pricks with your BMWs. :)
  12. hey S2000 dude, im sorry, but all u have to do is remember that at the end of the day u might have 415 horsepower, but u still have that "H" on your hood, so im sorry, u still loose, u can go home and hump your "H" but im gonna cruise all night in my Z with a hot ass italian chick next to me, and just take notice of every hooptie civic out there with wanna-be Z3 fenders on it...yeah....you all wanna be cool....

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