Z8 Speed Limiter?

Discussion in '2000 BMW Z8' started by 815, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Considering that the BMW Z8 does have a speed limiter that only allows it to reach 155 mph, does anyone know what its top speed would be if it were taken out. Also, could you take this out in a home garage or would you have to send in to a private tuner to take it out for you? Oh yeah, and would it still be street legal if taken out?
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    I have read that an owner in Germany took off his limiter and was able to reach 180 mph.

    This is something the typical owner cannot do. A tuner or mechanic would have to do this. And it would almost certainly void the warranty. It is fully street legal, however.
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    180 seems enough, it's a roadster after all
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    Z8 will catch about 290 kilomeetres per hour if it wood have no limit and is stil street legal but you wont have any warantee on it and I recomend not to do it because any way i does accelerate up to 4.7 secs. for 68 miles PH and its most probably I wood have goten a Porche 911 Carrera Gt4 of 460 Hp and its not limited,

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    Its a dam Roadster it does not need more thats right!

    Enjoy the all new speed limiter by brabus and AMG colaboration with Mercedes-Benz,DaimlerChrysler &co.
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    This might seem like a stuiped question to some of you guys but why do cars bother putting speed limiters on them?
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    It's the law.
    An extremely stupid law.
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    Now, I have two things to say to this:

    1) Technically, the limiter isn't removed, but rather reprogrammed; an electronic limiter is just a command programmed into the EPU chip of your car.

    2) You could change the limiter yourself. Very easily. Just buy an Auto Management Remote, and you could adjust the top speed yourself in 30 minutes.
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    I have a shark injector in my roadster and it removes the limiter (as well as does other stuff) BMWs are all limited to 155, i think this car could hit at least 180-190 in a long enough stretch
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    So are MERCS
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    In a roadster 155 would be hell....
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    not really, with the top down they are designed to be smoth and quiet.
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    if police were chasing a person who committed mass murders, i would hope that they were restricted to 155 instead of 180+.
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    I'm guessing this car would go about 175-180 mph without it's limiter
  15. i hate how most cars from Europe have to be electronically limted even though half the people that have them will never reach 155

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