1. huge resemblance to the camaro zl1 concept. Agreed?<!-- Signature -->
  2. Not even close to the ZL1.

    Not even close. Look at the Ram Air force induction, not on the ZL1. And besides the Firehawk is a lot more sleek looking than the Camaro. I say that the Firehawk looks a lot better than the Camaro. LONG LIVE THE TRANS AM!<!-- Signature -->
  3. Re: zl1?

    Trans Am. Makes Germans and Italians go "I could get more power out of my lawn-mower." Nice car, needs another 50hp though.
  4. Re: zl1?

    this car is all set up to be modded
    as soon as i get my 2002 i'm gonna stick a supercharger on there
    more like 150 more hp
    camaros are ok, but the ramair induction is better
  5. Re: zl1?

    SLP works on both camaro SS's and the Firebirds, this is really just a formula with a different hood, you have no idea how long it took SLP to come out with this model car
  6. Re: zl1?

    I happen to own a number of cars and this is one of them, this car is the best trans am, firebird, or whatever you would like to call it, ever producved. However you can never had too much hp and I agree that it needs about 50 more hp. In liue of that, this is an awsome car 0-60 4.9 and a top end of over 150mph<!-- Signature -->
  7. Re: zl1?

    German and Italian cars in america, hahahaha
    This is a kick-ass firebird
  8. Re: zl1?

    First SLP began with the Firehwk/firebird before they began with the Camaro SS. The Firehawk has 345hp/350lbs or torque, while the Camaro SS has 325hp. Even though both are based off of GM's F body desing both are extremely different. Of coarse Gm also Dyno's thier eingine power not wheel power. My friends and I dynoed her Firehawk and it had 410hp at the wheels. And dyno results of the Camaro at the wheels is only about 360. But thank god for GM or we all be forced to drive a 260hp mustang. But I have to complain about one thing, The end of the F body line is this year and I am really pissed. So what if the line has dropped in 30% of sales. Our F body is for the true American muscle car enthusist. I have always wanted a WS6 and know I can't own a brand new one. I wil just have to settle for some V6 front wheel drive car :(
  9. Re: zl1?

    Bad-ass Hawk, nothing more to say. Maybe that it deserves more power...

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: zl1?

    Damn you GM!! Damn you!! You taking away our Firebirds!! Camaros are coming back, and they too are sweet cars, they got nuttin on the Firbird!! Trans Ams with those funtional hood scoops kick mustang ass!! And most other domestic car asses too!! i heard a couple of peeps sayin that the Bird is coming back just after the Camaro. Is that rite? Does anybody know for sure?? I hope itz true!!

    L8a dayz ppl
  11. Re: zl1?

    SLP does more then Firehawks and SSs. First of all if you look at the picture this specific Hawk is a Trans Am Firehawk, they make T/A firehawks and Formula Firehacks along with the Firebird GT, and both the Camaro RS and SS. They fix up all the new F-bodys. Also for the moron that says it needs an extra 50 horse power to be decent, if thats what you think the Firehawks not for you, You can get a Formula WS-6 and supercharge it for less, theres you extra 50 you fruit. Horse power rating is inacurate either way, they come with more then they say, its dyno proven plus they have all kinds of power adding options.<!-- Signature -->
  12. Re: zl1?

    It doesn't need that extra 50 hp that you mentioned. It is TOTALLY set up for being modified. A little work on the exhuast will give you another 25. Do a little head porting and polishing, new cam and valvetrain etc etc and you soon have a 400HP+ N/A engine. These engines truly have TONS more potential than Fords 281 (4.6).

    I have seen a guy run the stock Gen III block and get his car into 9-flat territory (9.04). Do you realize how f-ing close that is to an 8 second run? He had it bored .030" over and clearanced for the 3.75" stroker crank, making 383 cubic inches. Then again he also ran 20# of boost on it with a Vortech and got 1,125 Crank HP out of it...hehe. Just goes to show you the potential of these things.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from imprezawrx14</i>
    <b>huge resemblance to the camaro zl1 concept. Agreed?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->
    Uhhh no:

    Firehawk - 346ci SFI LS1...low 13's in 1/4
    ZL1 Concept - 572ci TBI big block...mid 9's in 1/4

    Two completely different cars.
  14. Re: zl1?

    Well I think it LOOKS alike but does not PERFORM a like. GOd I love Firebirds and Camaros. GM POWER!!<!-- Signature -->
  15. Re: zl1?

    I dont think they look alike. <!-- Signature -->

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