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  1. You were in my dream last night. We were in this 'Dodge Viper ACR GTS-2' that I made up, it was white & black and really short in wheelbase, and I drove us down the driveway of the first house I lived in, which was insanely long, steep, and narrow. Like my dad had to carry groceries up by foot in the winter kinda steep.

    Anyways we flew down that & it had rumble strips on the curves, and eventually we flew onto some dirt/mud rally type roads, and ended up in this huge field where people were trying to kill me/us. Some dude had a huge lawn-dart type weapon that I knew was poisonous so I started running, but a few seconds later it thudded into my shoulder. Then I got to an old school playground and my dream just went into something totally different/wtf.

    Anyways, thanks for the dream hang-out!
  2. Talk to me damnit or im closing this thread
  3. Blakey poo nooooo

    You better come to ALMS @ Mid Ohio this year!
  4. w00000000! Sebring is almost here!!!

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