Zonda R on Evo Mag (March 09)

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Homero, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. "Harry Metcalfe only went to the Pagani factory to negotiate a discount on his next service. But he also got an exclusive preview of the most exotic Zonda ever".

  2. Evo is the best there is.
  3. What? I want to know more about the V12 Vantage...
  4. i'll probably buy it on wednesday, so may get scans then.
  5. definitely have to pick this up
  6. make a new car already. im getting bored with the design.
  7. Pretty ugly.
  9. Your avatar.
  10. needs to do more design work on the rear wing end plates for my taste
  11. I wouldn't say ugly - it just seems to fancy for a track car.
  12. Stradale !!!
  13. He's always at Pagani every Feb. each year.

    I was there in Feb. 2007(2 years ago)and his Zonda was in the back garage changing the clutch or transmission. C12UFO plate.

    I like the way he supports Pagani and the Zonda, same as Top Gear.
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  15. trollercoaster
  16. I'd much rather have the TME, Clio Trophy, or the Racing Puma.
  17. i like it looks fast but i still like the old shape

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