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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4


    By: Tadge J. Juechter
    Corvette Chief Engineer

    I know many people have been very interested in how fast the ZR1 would be at the Ring…

    Most car enthusiasts are quite familiar with the Nürburgring. Built in the 1920’s near Cologne, Germany, “the Ring” is considered to be the toughest and most challenging race track in the world.

    Over the last two weeks, we have been doing our final tuning and testing there before we start ZR1 production cars. This morning (Friday June 27), General Motors development engineer Jim Mero drove the Corvette ZR1 around the Nürburgring in a time of 7:26.4.

    Jim commented after the lap that conditions were good except for a strong headwind down the main straight and that the lap was solid, but he felt there were a few places he could have gone faster.

    The car was bone stock with the exception of the communications and safety equipment. The tires were production Michelin Pilot Sport 2’s. These tires have been developed specifically for the ZR1 and will have impressive wet traction and wear (tread wear rating = 220), in addition to excellent dry road holding. Chassis alignment and vehicle height were set to factory specs. Likewise, the engine calibrations were absolutely stock, emissions compliant and the car ran on pump (not racing) fuel. The vehicle was exactly like the cars that will be built in Bowling Green, Kentucky and sold around the world later this summer.

    Despite posting one of the fastest times ever run by a production car, Nürburgring lap times were not an over-riding priority in the development of the ZR1. The truth is, if the only priority was speed at the ring, the car would not be very pleasant to drive on American roads. The ZR1 is an incredibly capable track machine, but unlike most ultra-high performance cars, it is very easy to live with on a daily basis.

    The timed lap was run with a rolling start, a departure from our previous practice of standing starts. This is more aligned with current industry practice. The lap was electronically timed and confirmed with two hand-held stopwatches. An in-car video will be posted when the engineering team returns from Germany. Look for it the week of July 7!

  2. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Damn. Faster then the Pagani and Carerra GT
  3. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well at least it's faster than the GTR. It would have been really embarrasing if it was slower than the GTR with as much as it costs, EVEN if it's supposed to be a nice riding car, not a balls to the walls track beast.
  4. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4


  5. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    yay now the GTR guys might stfu.

    i rry wanna see what the ACR will do.
  6. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    lmao.. now gtr guys stfu... LMAO!!!
    this is a $100000+ car. its got racing tires on it.

    swap the tires onto a stock gt-r and see the times drop even more man... but regardless thats what the manufactures chose, and its stock vs stock. but the problem is... GT-R is not in the same class as the ZR1. not by a long shot.

    there are way to many differnces. When the SPec-v comes out, then you can start dissing it, if it doesnt put down faster times (which it already has and it was just a test of equipment without breaking a sweat).

    so... gt-r 70k zr1 100k
    gt-r 473hp
    zr1 650hp
    gt-r heavy
    vette lighter

    totaly differnt!

    the ACR i would really like to see aswell! but i dont care to much about the ACR ring time. the ACR is a beast no matter how you look at it! it doesnt have to prove itself to me.
  7. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Shut up and stop instigating crap. You have been warned, anymore flaming and you will be giving a temporary suspension and after review possibly banned.
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    ... and the Nissan R35 GT-R !!! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    >>> www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=3&fID=0&tID=10073
  9. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Wut? Racing tyres? PS2's are no more racy then the bridgestones on the GT-R
  10. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    no racing tytres, just some street-legal Michelin Pilot Cup Sport semi-slicks as said in the PR
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    power is nothing wothou control, just take a look at the lap times for even more powerful cars such as the Zonda F or Kingscrap CCR

    7:26.4* 168.07 km/h -- Corvette ZR1, 620 PS/??? kg *General Motors development engineer Jim Mero http://blog.gmnext.com/?p=194
    7:27.82 167.20 km/h -- Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, 641 PS/1230 kg, Marc Basseng (EVO #112) www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/AllCars/228650/
    7:28* -- 166.65 km/h -- Porsche Carrera GT, 612 PS/ 1475 kg, * company test driver Walther Roehrl (Autobild 07/04)
    7:29* -- 164.68 km/h -- 2009 Nissan GT-R, ??? PS/??? kg, *company test driver Tochio Suzuki according to mfr. www.nissaneurope-newsbureau.com/nissanmedia/front?controller=SubRubrik&id=nissan_europe_press_room_10772091931250/news_and_events_10772871591872/presse_releases_10781508884370/corporate_10781511772180&pubId=gt_r_achieves_under______at_nurburgring_12095056384513968
    7:31 --- 164.38 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1440 kg, company test driver Walter Roehrl according to www.automotorsport.se/tv/?m=11159
    7:32* -- 164.07 km/h -- Pagani Zonda F, 650 PS/1230 kg (*mfr.) www.autodrome-cannes.com/index-eng.asp
    7:32* -- 164.07 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/ 1440 kg, company test driver Walter Roehrl (*mfr.) www.caranddriver.com/previews/14155/first-drive-2008-porsche-911-gt2.html
    7:32.18 164.07 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/ 1440 kg, company test driver Walter Roehrl www.autobild.de/artikel/Themen-Testberichte-Duell-am-Ring_422642.html
    7:32.44 163.91 km/h -- Porsche Carrera GT, 612 PS/ 1475 kg, definitive time Horst von Saurma (sport auto 01/04)
    7:32.52 163.88 km/h -- Gemballa Porsche GTR 600 EVO, Wolfgang Kaufmann (sport auto 01) www.gemballa.com/news/gtr6002.html
    7:33 --- 163.71 km/h -- Pagani Zonda F, 602 PS/ 1371 kg, Horst von Saurma (sport auto 05/06) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=0&fID=2&tID=83550
    7:33 --- 163.71 km/h -- Porsche 997 GT2, 530 PS/1497 kg (sport auto 11/07) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=0&fID=2&tID=142508
    7:34 --- 163.59 km/h -- Koenigsegg CCR, 806 PS/1418 kg, Horst von Saurma (sport auto oct,17-18 05) www.supercars.net/PitLane?viewThread=y&gID=0&fID=2&tID=75219
  12. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    pilot sport 2s are very, very street tires. They last a very long time and are very good in the wet.

    why arent they in the same class? Theyre fast sports cars that are livable.
  13. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    ya, i guess they both are pritty racing tires. they have to be i with all that performance. but irrigardless... thats only one point. im glad they used these on such a high peice of machine. the z06 has crap for tires <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    but like said.. wait until the spec-v shoots off. plus we have the NSX that doesnt have a price point yet.
  14. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I run the ring in 6 minutes.
  15. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    First, I like how you can tell that who ever did that press release has spent some time on internet forums. They lay out that tires, alignment, power, and everything else that was production spec. When was the last time a company did that for a ring time? They knew what people were going to claim and it may become common practice for other companies, if nissan laid all that out from the start, it could have helped. I also like how they point out that it is industry convention to have a rolling start, of course that cobalt time with a standing start is hilariously good.

    Second, the time makes sense. I would guess that at least half of that improvement was from tires alone. There were rumors that when GM was comparing the submittals from Michelin and Goodyear to see which tire to pick, the Michelin were over a second faster than the goodyears and the goodyears were better than the current Z06 tires. So seconds from tires alone is pretty realistic. Let alone better aero, better brakes, more power/torque, better gearing, bigger wheels and tires, and the special dampners make the 16 seconds faster than the Z06 make sense. Who ever was saying the Zr1 would not be much faster than the Z06 were obviously wrong. Of course a Z06 on similar tires would eat away at a lot of the time.

    Third, faster than a zonda F! Cars are just getting insane. Really, below 7:30 times are just crazy quick when just a couple of years ago below 8:00 was impressive with few production cars that could do it. I really believe tires have been a big reason for these improvements.

    Fourth, this was done by a test engineer. I seriously got to become a good driver, I mean that would be a pretty awesome job. Even driving Cobalts around the ring all day would be pretty cool.

    Fifth, so what about the V-Spec. It has not even been anounced, so lets at least wait until we know that it will even been made. Second, it seems like a track focused version of the GT-R and the ZR1 is a real GT, even more of a GT than the Z06. It is like comparing a 911 GT3 to a 911 Turbo. I would guess that the V-Spec will have even more aggressive tires, the current GTR tires are pretty close to track tires anyway. It will probably be more stripped out, probably no back seat, in order to lose the weight. The ride quality will probably be the same or worse than the GTR, which is worse than the Z06, and the ZR1 will be even better than the Z06. Really the V spec is a totally different animal and will not be nearly as usable as the ZR1 according to current rumors. The ZR1 is like the 599, a GT that is redicously fast, but still comfortable for everyday driving.

    Sixth, leaf spring lol

    Seventh, I am sure the Corvette guys are breathing a sigh of relief they set a good time. Even if it is faster mechanical difficulties, remember they are still testing, or bad weather could have made setting a time hard and I would assume it takes some time to schedule time at the ring. Setting a time quickly makes them look much better.

    Eighth, 100k Mile warranty. The only thing that would make this a better time to be alive is hoverboads.
  16. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    yeah, but ox cart pram
  17. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I honestly had my doubts that it would be that fast. I'm glad I was wrong.
  18. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    "They lay out that tires, alignment, power, and everything else that was production spec. When was the last time a company did that for a ring time?"

    oh christ...
  19. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    More importantly than the fact that the ZR1 obviously was created for track times, I still don't think it can take the ACR. I'm still in mild disbelief of how fast they decided to make that car. And I feel safe is guessing it's V10 is still much less stressed than the SCed V8 in the ZR1.
  20. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Take that and smoke it, Supercar and Hypercar world
  21. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Elise S2 was merely pointing out that the guy who wrote the article was familiar with web forums. He was NOT trying to say that it's unusual to test a bone stock car at the 'Ring.
  22. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    However, the Zr1 would be much more every day user friendly than the ACR Im sure, mostly due to its ability to eclipse the Z06 and be much more livable on rough surfaces. The ACR has much more downforce so its going to be held back, especially on the long straight of the ring so I dont know if its cornering can make up for its drag on long sections.

    Hey, I love both cars and yes with the price hikes going on no doubt Id buy the ACR.
  23. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    "More importantly than the fact that the ZR1 obviously was created for track times"

    Ummm, no. This is a GT. It is created for track times in the same way the 599 is created for track times, fast on the track, but not sacrificing the GT nature of the car.
  24. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    The ACR is a track day special. The ZR1 is a genuine GT.
  25. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    the spec-v will come out with a faster time imho... but it will not be as road worthy. it will be a track only car almost that is road legal for if you want to everday drive it.

    if nissan keeps the original bilistine setup and makes the race settings very stiff, then it can stay on top with a whole package at a great price performance.

    if they go 100% stiff, then Nissan will loose out on that aspect.

    nissan has announced they are working on it. they had interviews about it, and they even tested it on the ring already getting a 7:25 time. Nissan also states we will find out everything else in october at the paris autoshow.

    ohh and ya, i think the vette could be faster with a better driver (tho this guy is damn good anyways!). i think they will eventually go back and get a better ring time too.

    just to note, i never said the vette would never do this... i always said it would do at least 7:20's. i openly expressed it on my blog a few times (tho i dont like GM the vette is awesome, wish i could say the same for its fanbase(boys))

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