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  1. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Corvette ZR-1+100
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    kingscrap CCR, lol. that doesnt even make sense.
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    "An in-car video will be posted when the engineering team returns from Germany. Look for it the week of July 7!"

  4. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well Nissan kinda shot themselves in the foot a bit by making the car larger than the previous R34 version.

    Blame the "wider market" or whatever but that design decision is not exactly going to aid them in making it a lighter car. (as we can already see form the stock GTR weight figures).

    Nissan just needs to take a page out of the Z06 (and hundreds other super/sports) cars and just make a lighter, smaller 2 seater GTR.
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Video comparing the 7:29 run from the GT-R and the 7:27 from the Zonda F
  6. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    That's insane...there's at least one part of the video that the Zonda is a good 5-6 seconds behind the GTR...before a bad corner from the GTR near the middle. Just goes to show how much driver ability plays into it.
  7. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Holy #$%# ajzahn fix that link in your ring time post lol
  8. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    It makes a lot more sense than the GT-R getting a 7:29...
  9. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    That's what the Vspec is for. They did it on purpose. They figured they could gouge the hell out of buyers with this one, sell the hell out of. Then release a Vspec version and gouge and sell the hell out of those.
  10. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    and the GTR has AWD and launch control so STFU!!!

    but seriously, does the Zr1 have launch control also? Im curious
  11. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Btw, anyone know the planned production numbers for the Zr1, GTR and ACR?
  12. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    ZR1 will be 1800-2000 units a year for like 2 years.

    GT-R I don't know but there will probably be a ton of them around.

    ACR is very exclusive, probably only about 100 units. (don't quote me on that)
  13. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4


    Standard model

    Nissan GT-R

    GT-R V-Spec

    notice any similarity?
  14. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Heard it does. from wiki

    "The system offers standing start launch modifications. When launching the ZR1 from a standing start, the shocks are completely softened on launch and stiffened on rebound. The softened shocks on launch aid the ZR1 by allowing the center of gravity to shift. The ride control standing launch modifications are designed to minimize bounce."
  15. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I don't care what they do, GM will always be shit
  16. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    i'm impressed by this time but i think people gives too much importance to nring times.
  17. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    independent tests show that dyno friction loss is really a myth, a thing of the past and normaly only a factor of older cars with worn parts.

    i wish i could link to the article with real world data, but i havent got the link.

    in any case, the GT-R R35 only has 10% loss as motor trend stated. sorry but nissan used new technology in the production of the GT-R!
  18. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    your just dumb. the ZR1 is faster if it was an apples to apples compairo. even then the ZR1 is faster, but its totaly differnt class as the R35. you are so dumb you never get anything just like the rest of the fanboys.

    im not arguing the ZR1 time. nor should you argue the R35 time and specs. sorry stuborn people will never belive anything new could do something like this. when the NSX comes out will it be fake time too? lmao.

    the ZR1 is faster than the GT-R on the ring. i mean it go's way faster in a strait line so it should be, plus its suspention has been revised ten fold, and its using better tires than the Z06, and considering its power output, its massive! even more power than the zonda? woot! great achivement i say.

    im just sick and tired of people crapping on the Nissan just cause its a nissan. no matter how much it proves itself its still crap to people cause they are so ignorant... but thats a fact, not a diss.

    the R35 doesnt go without mistakes, its really not the best car around at all. its just the fastest car around the ring for its specs.... but its design and technology is attributed to that. it can only get better with a refined design and modification, ie spec-v, which has proven a 7:25 time by bystandards at the ring. its really nothing more than a normal R35 with some improvements, but makes it less of a road car and more of a racecar only *(due to being much stiffer).

    so the ZR1 comes out this time with a better whole package, but performance wise... the Spec-v will have the advantage, it hasent even done final lap to see how fast it really is, the same goes for the ZR1, they know the spec-v has annother go at the ring, so they are going to take this time and run again to try and defeat the Spec-v... which is great for competition!!!

    dont forget the LF-A which is totaly an orange in this equation, its 230k+ so totaly more expensive than both of these, a true supercar compaired to the rest (tho its toyota ehk).
  19. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    What are you talking about? I'm mearley saying that the GTR is probably highly underrated at the factory ratings... Which would explain why its times are so much better than one would think basing it off of 473 or WTF ever. Which is fine. If it's pumping out way more HP stock, from the factory, than they say it's still doing it so it counts.

    I'm not one of the Anti-GTR people. I LOVE the GTR and am super impressed by its times. I'm all about having another reasonably priced supercar. The Z06 was kinda lonely <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> PLUS it'll force other companies (like Chevy) to step it up even more!
  20. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    im saying that its not under-rated. that its performacne is based off of deisng and technology. that the engine outputs the stated hp. also im stating that i have seen independent tests that show friction levels as more of a myth in this day and age. i was looking for the link, and if i find it i will post it.
  21. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    plastic w/ leaf springs > PS3 w/ wheels.

    it's just science.
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  23. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    It's the new HP/L. And, as this months Car and Driver (or maybe it was Motor Trend, I am at work and dont have the mag in front of me) proved when they tested a Z06, GTR, GT-2, and ACR, the Z06 beat the GTR on that track, where as the Z06 and GT2 got beat by the GTR on another. FYI, the ACR raped all of them on that track by a nice margin.
  24. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Yeah, what that shows is that sometimes there is no clear "faster car" I guess.

    Certain tracks favour different characteristics. I'm sure Top Gear test cars such as the GTR, Zr1, Gt2...etc... their results could be different it tested on other tracks since these cars are so close in performance.

    Regarding ye ole, HP/L I still think ACR could have done better with 8.4L to make only 600bhp, even if it is N/A. My stance is, moreso how much weight could they have saved if they were able to get a 6L engine to make that 600bhp instead of an 8.4L. Kinda like what the Zr1 has archieved.

    1 - I'm a weight reduction whore
    2 - They (the original viper engineers) possibly chose that displacement with realibility in mind I guess.

    ..or I could take a cheapshot and say its an inefficient truck engine <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  25. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    That 10% figure is highly dubious. If that was the case, why does the transmission need such a large oil cooler for the transmission? Also why is the highway fuel economy not outstanding then?

    Also, do not say things like "Dyno friction is really a myth, a thing of the past and normally only a factor of oder cars with worn parts." I really hope that this is because english is not your first language and just do not understand what you are saying.

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