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  1. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Ya, and im really sure this car would be 10 seconds ahead of a 430 Scuderia, ya sure. Take into account that "someone" drove the Scuderia a full 2 seconds faster on just the 2.56 km Vairano track. And Alain Prost was behind the wheel of the GTR so there you go. Which one is really faster?

    We are talking about a car (the GTR) that clearly has some pretty strange changes in its performance from test to test. One minute its almost the fastest production car in the world. Then it comes last in a magazine test against the same cars it was supposed to have killed on the ring.

    1’15”159 - 122.62 Kph - Ferrari 430 Scuderia
    1’17”600 - 118.76 Kph - Nissan GT-R (Supertest 2008, Alain Prost, Japan specs)

    But in the end, regardless, Id still love to own one and no I dont hate the car, I actually am a big fan of it even if it could only match the Z06 on the ring it would still be a steal at $70k USD, plus it looks awesome.
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    LOL, yeah right...

    Edmunds (customer GTR)

    Autocar UK

    Autocar 3.8
    Edmunds 3.3
    C&D 4.1

    Autocar 8.5
    Edmunds n/a
    C&D 10.2

    Autocar n/a
    Edmunds 11.2
    C&D 12.6

    Hmm.. notice a trend? They need to change C&D to something like "Corndogs and Donuts" or "Cant absolutely Drive" instead.

    Btw, i thought this was supposed to be a ZR1 discussion?
  3. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    The RE070 are street tires as well. Runflats and all.

    But as usual the tires seem to be the one and only thing that limits the infinte potential of the all mighty Corvette. The other cars all have "Rs" and "proper tires".
  4. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well to all the haterz, the numbers are there wether you like it or not. Save your crying for when the V-Spec comes to dominate
  5. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    I thought this at first too
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    ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    well apparently Nissan said the car is completely stock on stock tires available in Japan

    Heres a much better quality video of the GTR run.

  7. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

  8. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    more like #%$spec
  9. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Exer, show me the proof that it wasn't a stock car. Technology like this happens, and we have all seen the proof of how it can happen. Short gearing, massive acceleration numbers, ATTESA-AWD, very little over or understeer. I really do think it's the driver in the car, this Alain guy may be very talented, but Millen has gotten great results out of each test he has done.

    Besides, Car and Driver has tested the car 3 different times and gotten faster results than the most recent one, engines never fully deliver 100% of the time. Also, there hasn't been much variance in the GT-Rs performance. Take a look at Road and Tracks numbers, OLA, Nurburgring times, Car and Drivers test, Motor Trends test, etc. You will see similar numbers in performance with a very little performance margin gap.

    I have heard of a stock Z06 doing 10 sec quarter miles in ABSOLUTELY perfect conditions, I have no doubt in my mind that a stock GT-R could knock off 6 seconds from a PARTIALLY wet track run, especially with the new tweaks they did with the suspension (not sure if you guys read the press release or not about the suspension tweaking). The fact of the matter is, the people that have driven it can understand why it's so quick, because it doesn't hassle with the driver like other cars do, it puts more confidence into the driver to run it harder, enter and exit turns faster, and allow for little unwanted feedback. I don't see why you guys cannot read between the lines if I can.
  10. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Well put. Can't wait to see the v-spec!!!!

    Just out of curiosity, Road and tracks american right? Are they puposefully making the gtr look worse than it is due to the success of japanese cars in america? Are they attempting to make the struggling american brands appear better in order to boost confidence in their domestic market? Just my 2 cents <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  11. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    You mean the Road and Track where the GTR won the comparo and GTR was five seconds faster than the Z06 around the track? You think they were holding the GTR back and making the Z06 look better?
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  13. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

  14. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    the V-Spec will be a Carbon brick on light-weight alloy wheels
  15. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Cmon some of you, at least wait until you see the V-Spec do something before you claim it can take on the KING! ZR-1. You know deep down the GTR lap is faked anyway :p
  16. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    those azns are crafty bastards i tell you :p
  17. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    how can it be fake by any means? the gt-r has proven it only has 480 at the crank. its proven its only used a stock production car. its proven with a video.

    its proven itself in reviews left and right! there are countless reviews.

    its also proven that normal car drivers wont take the zr1, R35, GT-R let alone a z06 to its limits and they will never get these times for normal buyers, only pro drivers who really know how to push the cars.
  18. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    the gt-r has more than 500 hp.
  19. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    It's never been proven that it was a stock car that made that run. There's no way to prove or disprove that. All it would take was a chip under the hood to give it shit tons more power. It's one thing that it's fat yet still handles really good... But at the level of performance it has the power comes heavily into play, and that I don't buy. Some stock ones have had up to 550 at the crank, which actually makes it more believable that it has the performance it does. Any which way it's a hella fast car and this argument is getting old.
  20. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    yet again exer, you ignore the facts. How come magazine editors can accept the fact that short gearing, ATTESA AWD, great tires, and a stiff suspension can get this car around a track faster. I mean seriously, the difference of 6 seconds with a stiffer spring setup is quite doable.

    You go off of pure speculation, and cannot believe that a company will be truthful about the car that they have invested millions into. Oh, and btw, the so called "550" horsepower you are claiming is not officially at the crank--it was mathematically determined with a 15-20% loss from the drive train, that's not crank horsepower. Nissan claims that their new technology has dropped the drivetrain loss down to 10% which would make 480 horsepower. Please do your research before you make yourself look like a fool.

    Here's the real meat and potatoes. If the Corvette Z06's gearing was shortened drastically, had super sticky tires for better traction (not quite AWD, but much better handling), and also had a better spring setup, I would bet anything in the world that it could lap the 'ring just as fast.
  21. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    they went out of there way to make sure everyone knows it was a stock car only! there is a press release and an interview! why would they lie? if they lied and were caught in it, it would devistate nissan. why would they invest so much into building such a car then lie. your lame!

    its only 480hp at the crank! You dont belive it your stupid then, dyno charts and nissan has proven this.

    if you review the many videos or even lap charts, it shows the GT-R gets around the track faster in the turns because of its awd system with the trq and hp skyrocketing it out of those turns, not to mention the short gearing of the trans. so it has a later brake in to corners and a faster turn out of corners making it much faster. its as simple as that. other cars will have great cornering but have to make it up on straitways... if there is more turning the gt-r is likly to defeat the competition.
  22. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    Yeah because a company like Nissan would NEVER lie to get good publicity. In fact, all car companies are honest and truthful about everything all the time.

    I never actually read half of this thread, but my god, those last two posts made my head hurt. Especially MindlessOath. That's one of the most retarded things I've ever read.
  23. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    They actually probably wouldn't just because the risk of getting caught, cause that would be a whole lot worse
  24. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    GM lies about everything then. they used shaved tires(not true). and the enginer they used is actually a pro driver (which is true).

    man, i know when to accept truth.. why dont you do the same. you can freking say anything you want, but its not going to make it true.

    people can say the same freking thing about the ZR1 as your saying about the nissan. it all just comes down to "you dont like the badge" so just say that instead of spewing BULL CRAP.
  25. ZR-1 laps the ring in 7:26.4

    How exactly did they lie about Jim Mero? He is a development engineer, it would be stupid to assume that the person tasked with hot lapping did not have tons of track experience, so that he has raced before is not surprising.

    Also I would not be surprised if the ZR1 used shaved tires, or that Nissan or porsche use shaved tires. It makes sense, nor is it dishonest because they are still production tires.

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