ZR1 killer?

Discussion in '2009 Ferrari 599XX' started by THEBEAST101, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. Better around the track maybe.... But one seat= no sir
  2. In no way, shape, or form was this EVER supposed to race a ZR1. The 599XX is a track only car, it is not even street legal. If you think that you don't want a car because it has one seat, you should probably not care, because it is not street legal (with the exception of that one ultra-rare Yamaha one seater). If the ZR1 did race a 599XX, the ZR1 would be slower and be killed from reliability issues, where a 599XX would have a pit crew along with better racing reliability and speed.
  3. yeah i know that now.. this is before they released info on the car lol.... this this thing would slaughter a ZR1.. its almost as fast as the FXX evo
  4. this car would do a lap before the ZR1 got to the first corner
  5. guys a zr1 with tt would easly smoke this. i bet it would put 1200hp at the wheels!!!

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