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  1. First, I just wnat to say I never said anything to put down pushrod engines. I merely said "you'll end up with a pushrod through your skull."

    As for smaller displacement, high revving, engines, I agree you can make alot of power out of these engines, but I personally feel that it's the lazy way of going about it. I just dont see the point of a 7 or 8.5 liter engine that doesn't even produce 100hp/liter with forced induction. I just prefer a car that uses modern technology to squeeze the most out of a car with the least waste. But thats just my preference, if you like a car with a big lazy engine I suppose you're entitled to that, but I won't like it.

    Some examples of high revving, smaller dislplacement engines are the power plants for the new M3 and RS4, both are V8's so this might just keep your interest. Both of these cars are naturally aspirated, have about 4 liters of displacement and rev to about 8k. Both of these cars are very easily daily drivable, get decent gas mileage, are very well built, and produce 100hp/liter.
  2. doesnt "just about any supercar out there" means "any supecars?"
  3. obviously you have never driven these cars youre talking about, otherwise you would already know the difference, and why people like both types.

    while a high revving smaller displacement engine with high efficiency per liter and a low revving high displacement engine with low efficiency per liter can both reach the same peak power level, the DRIVING EXPERIENCE between the two is night and day difference.

    when you keep the smaller engine up high in its powerband around the track its a blast. very exciting and it just sings to you.
    the larger engine has all the toque down low and off idle response that creates an entirely different feeling, you can mash the gas in any gear at any rpm level and it still pulls hard, you dont have to downshift and rev up just to feel some power.

    ive owned/own both typs of cars, in fact right now i have a 1.3ltr TT rotary, and also a 6ltr 383ci v8, and i enjoy BOTH types of engines......im not a fanboy for either side, i think they both have areas where they can be very enjoyable. a larger engine is much more fun for daily driving where you want to leave the stoplight with some power, but not necessarily need to rev the hell out of your engine everytime, and the smaller engine is great for on the highway where i want to feel those rpms and get the high end going.

    i think a true car enthusiast can enjoy the merits of both, rather than blindly argue over one side like some tunnelvision fanboy.
  4. yeah.....except for the " JUST ABOUT " part

  5. well i didnt know what it meant in that sentence, i'm sorry mr perfect english
  6. I actually don't prefer one over the other and I agreed each has its own merits. I understand the difference between a small high revving engine and a large simple behemouth. Thats why I LIKE cars that have both capibilities such as the M3, RS4, and one of my favorite cars the Ferrari 355. To me it is more about balance than focusing in on one thing. I personally own a car that I would consider in the big lazy engine category, a Porsche 928. And quite honesty, I love that car. But I obviously know nothing about cars because you've come to the conclusion that I'm some sort of engine fanboy.

    Maybe that was my fault for not being clear enough, but thats my opinion you and can take it or leave it.
  7. internet troll successfully trolled you :p
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    " I just dont see the point of a 7 or 8.5 liter engine that doesn't even produce 100hp/liter with forced induction"

    Damn, 4 door FWD 4AT Buick with ~245HP 3.8L v6 beating a 2door RWD 5MT 280HP 3.5L Nissan.
    Hp/L doesn't mean shit so "I don't see the point" in making a big deal about it.
  9. This thread is such a massive train wreck.

    He has some nice cars, I'm a big fan of the Supra on HREs, the SC300, the M5. But honestly, there's a lot more wheels out there that look better than black wheels with chrome lips. Of course looks are subjective, but he doesn't seem to have very large horizons when it comes to what makes a car look good.
  10. That being said, I'm glad he hasn't ruined any of them in any way.
  11. Like this?
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    I actually owned a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, same engine, same power, nice car, but I dont see what that video proves. I mean the 350Z driver could suck and the Buick didn't exactly pull away from the guy.

    To get back on point, I think the colection is nice and all but it's just not what I would do with that kind of money. I personally wouldnt put black with chrome lipped wheels on half my cars either but I guess its just that guys style.
  13. ... that is the point. HP/L means shit. Woopdie #$%#ing do, she had ~35 more HP than me, and still lost. Much like you put it, why bother putting so much effort into HP/L. HENCE THE #$%#ING VIDEO OF A CAR WITH LESS HP/L BEATING A CAR WITH MORE.

    PS, when you shift enough to chirp the tires in second gear it isn't exactly granny shifting.
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  15. Clearly there are no car gods.....cause if there were the man who did this should be dead.
  16. Fortunately the dumb Swedish twat put his name on the window.

    As if he's proud of what he's done. I can only hope it wasn't an M.
  17. HHHMM, have you noticed that over the past 10 years every car you mentioned has gotten larger in displacement. There is only so far you can push a 2.0L car before it pops. Larger displacement is not an easy way out, but a means to an end. You can't have tons of HP and torque in a small displacement engine without reliability issues and a lot of added costs.

    If Formula 1 had no rules they'd all be running 1,000+HP 6.0L engines spinning at a lazy 11,000 RPM's.
  18. And the American car companies are putting more technology into their cars to make them faster. Its like both sides realized that you can have both size and technology.
  19. how do you know what engineers would choose for f1 if it had no rules? maybe every team may take different decisions.
  20. someone should be killed
  21. screw the person get the car
  22. why did you buy 2 vette z06's i love corvette's but do you really need to buy 2 of them
  23. jesus fUcking christ this has gone on too long.

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