ZR1 posts new 7:22.4 ring time

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by lucky strike, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. It's faster than a Z06 and slower than a ZR1, what's so hard to understand?

    What's 2 + 2 brah?
  2. who shot what down?? Porsche couldn't even break 7:50 with a GTR i'd say thats shooting down Nissan if anything
  3. They showed pictures of the car on a hoist at the ring with the extact Dunlop tires its supposed to come with.

    Its not rocket science
  4. Considering Horst von Saurma got 7:50 in 5 *preview laps* with a Bridgestone-shod GT-R and not balls-to-the-walls driving like he does for the supertests, and Porsche not doing better than 7:54 in the GT-R with better rubber (Dunlops), I'd say Porsche's claims are truly suspicious.
    Then look at the lap differential between the GT-R (on Bridgestones) vs the ZR1 in the 2 recent tests. They sure don't point to a 28-second difference at the 'Ring.
  5. if prsche couldnt break 7:50 in the gt-r, how did nissan di it???
  6. 2+2=4
    besides i still find it hard to believe that the gt-r is fater than a z06, mabey a c5 z06 but a c6 z06 come on
  7. Ya that disproves everything... a picture of a car on a hoist with some dunlops wow thats great proof. IMHO nissan is full of shit
  8. You try too hard.
  9. I did look at the lap differential in a recent test and the ZR1 beat the GTR by over a second on a track thats only 1.8 miles long. Now u mean to tell me that on a 13 mile circuit with 190 mph straights that the GTR, with its terrible Power to weight ratio and apparent disadvantage thru corners as well will only finish 7 seconds behind a ZR1??
  10. Yeah even seeing the same grooves on the tires when its actually driving on the track must prove its BS too
  11. In the 1.8 miles long circuit the GT-R had Bridgestones. In the Ring it had Dunlops. How dense can you be man? ****
  12. When an independent test verifies the GTR can indeed run these times i will happily accept and won't say a word about it. I just don't see why a company like porsche would open their mouths and put their asses on the line like that unless they were sure of their claims.
  13. As has been said, the GT-R in that comparo had the Bridgestones.
    7-10 seconds sounds a helluva lot more reasonable than 28 seconds. And if you bother to read the article, it explains exactly *why* a GT-R can be faster on a racetrack like the 'Ring, which is quite a bit different from the Streets of Willow. Do you need me to repeat those reasons?
    Disadvantage thru corners...based on what? Skidpad and slalom tests? The GT-R got killed in the 1/4 mile by 9 mph, which is huge. It also got beat by 10 feet in 60-0 braking. So, how in the hell is it staying within 1.2 seconds? Not only that, it was statistically identical to the 599 in the other comparo and only 6/10ths of a second slower than the GT2, both cars with much higher hp/wt ratios. Was that a ringer too?
  14. Jan Magussen was in California at Laguna Seca racing in the GT1 ALMS on Oct 19th, nine days ago, so I doubt he was piloting a ZR1 around Nordschleife yesterday but its remotely possible unless GM in fact pulled the cars off the track for the year.
  15. 1) The ZR1 is faster than the GTR. The GTR is faster than the Z06.
    2) 0% of Ring times are official/certified.
  16. Nope, it's faster than a Z06. Take a look at the lap chart below. And note that the GT-R actually outcorners the lighter Viper ACR (on fatter R-compounds, and with more downforce) in 3 sections.

    Avg cornering speeds -
    Viper: 77.9 mph
    GT-R: 76.5
    GT2: 76.0
    Z06: 73.6

    AutoExpress also found the GT-R slightly faster than the Z06 at Anglesey (61.3 vs 61.5).
  17. Well now that the ZR1 returned with a better driver, let's see what the Viper ACR will do with a better driver and the same prep time that the Vette had.
  18. jesus christ who's second is this?
  19. in the vettes defense, shaving 2 seconds off a test engineers time by jan magnisson is pretty believable. Im surprised it was only 2 seconds, honestly.<BR
    And they dont have a history of cheating, while nissan does.
  20. This is the best analysis of the whole situation that I have ever seen.

    + 1 trillion
  21. #$%# I love these ZR1 vs GT-R threads. They are so fun to read.
  22. Need to see onboard lap.
    If no, this is bullshit.
  25. LOL

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