ZR1 posts new 7:22.4 ring time

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by lucky strike, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. HAHAHA!! Too funny!!!

    Someone give him a Nobel Prize!
  2. the gtr r35 is slower than the c6 z06 in gt5 prolouge as well as the gtr concept being slower than a c5 z06 in gt4 prolouge.
  3. Any way about my real world driving coment the gtAAAAAAAAAAggghhhhhhhhhRRRRRRRRR is a load of #$%#ing bullSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! ok the gtr iss fcckiinnggg over 3800LBSSSSS and has well under 500BHP so the manufactor claim of the nissan gtr's lap at the nurburgring is typical manufactor claim bull shit! ok the gtr is way to big and heavy to corner qauickly enough to breack your #$%#in neck and nissan wont shut the#$%# up about their fffffff#$%#in shitty gtr doin under 7.30.i mean come on this is all against the law's of physic's a car over 3800LBS and less than 500hp is not goin to get them bangin under 7.30 i don t care how mutch the computer cntrol's it and how well the AWD stop's it's tail from cockin out it ll only take a max of an est 10 sec's of a lap of a normal car with only rear drive and no computer and 480hp controllin it I hate the GTR so fucckin much and my reaction to people who test mag's TV internet ETC stop favoring it over the more powerfull car's that are lighter so that they make nissan feel good a bout it the truth is that if you try hard eqaully in both the GTR and some other porsche's lambo's or vette's then the GTR will just have it's but kicked by the more expensive lambo's porsche's or vette's i mean i can belive the GTR's top speed claim's and acceleration sany car with 480hp can accelerate that quick with that tech but on the track the GTR's manufactor claim's ae bull shit first nissan try's to claim there ugly pathetic GTR is better than a porsche 911 997 turbo with the GTR's manufactor claim Bull shit nonsencxe lap at the ring of 7.38 and know nissan has gone further with there lie's about the gtr doing 7.29 and know people in many test's are being biast toward's the gtr iin lot's of track test's.porsche set's nurburgring lap record's i mean look how long the porsche 956 has helds a lap record of 6.11 for huh and yet nissan 's gtr did a nonsence claim of a GTR doing 7.29.nissan barely know's the nurburgring track very well infact I think nissan doest know how to build a proper sport's car nissan's they re all crap and the fact is that porsch is superior to nissan and porsche know's the ring better than anyone in the world.I mean come on evry one should know that porsche make's the world's best sporty's car's it's callled the porsche 911 doesnt matter wich 911 the 911 is the bench mark of all sport's car's from the highest end of the market and the lower end of the market and all of last year people in mag's have been testing thr GTR and favoring it over the 911 and i am just sick of it and back to the subject off the bull shit GTR and the all time best 911 at the ring nissan wont leave porsche alone it just feel's nasty I mean not only do nissan cheat in all there test's and claim there car's are stock and these manufactor claim's that nissan is making my reaction is just GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR leave porsche alone.OK i am really happy that nissan's manfactor claim bull shit about the GTR has really back fired from porsche.porsche them selve's tested the GTR and claimed that the GTR R35 can not get 20sec's with in the nissan's manufactor claim bull shit nonsense lap of 7.29 porsche only recorded 7.54 in the GTR so shove that up your #$%#ed up ASS hole nissan face it evry one The GTR is a load of bull shit.porsche know's the nurburgring a million time's better than nissan and porsche along with GM (they obiously make the corvette if you dont know that your incredably stupid) has driver's that are superior to nissan's shit driver's And the porsche 911 along with the corvette (the corvette out live's the 911 bye a decade) are the world's best sport's car's both of em have been around longer than any other sport's car's in the world.OK know that i am done with my heavy critisizim on the GTR it's time to move on to the subject of the corvette ZR1 doing a lap of 7.22.4 in my opinion WOW just WOW along the many year's well foreever european car journalist's are well might i say all it till bit bias you see american car's have all way's recieved heavy critisizim from any car journallist in euroupe they all seem to laugh att there poor build qaulity (wich i think is decent) and european's mostly say american car's don t do the corner's well in my opinion there all bias and there are some american car's that Demoilish corner's just as well as any other european car's.plus some people who review car's don t give out any simpothy for a price for the car that is a bargin they will all just continue to critisize there gear box and interior and the fact thair not as advanced as there european car's or japanese car's wich in my opinion the corvette does have a decent clutch and gear box and the corvette can coprner real well.in my opinion about a third or a qaute of american car's are good I like GM.GM make's some of the world's best car's let's just say i like most of the car's GM make's such as cadillac and buick and corvette's and many other's the rest of the car's GM make's in my opinion are allright some of the car's GM make's are poor qaulity but i don t hate em.the other to big name american car manufactor's ford and chrysler there ok dont hate ford and chrysler don t like em al though i do like the ford GT a tiny bit but that's about it.the corvette look no matter how much bias crittisizim it has all way's been recieving i will alway's love it.love GM there allway's undercutting there rival's in price with the corvette.I mean the corvette is allway's less than half the price of there main competitor's or maybe sometime's all most half the price but this time as most of you have seen a regular corvette is around $50K and know the corvtte ZR1 probably twice as fast as the regular 08 corvette.the corvette ZR1 cost's up to $106K oh yeah that's abit expensive right well when you consider that it has laped the 12 mile 73 corner nurburgring in only 7.22.4 that is just amazing i mean that's just insane supercharging the ZR1 to 638BHP has really paid of and GM sme how managed to keep the ZR1's wieght down to 3300LBS in term's of the wow factor GM hasd some off the best driver's in the world and the corvette ZR1 well when you think about i it's the bargin off the century I mean the zonda F clubsport with 650hp cost's well over $700K and lap the nurburgring in 7.24 the zonda f with 602hp cost's over $700K and lap's the nurburgring in 7.24 I love the zonda and i love the porsche 911 997 GT2 08 doess a lap at the nurburgring of 7.32 has 530hp nd cost's around $200K I ove the porsche 911 997 GT2 08 it's one of my fav's but in term's of the corvette ZR1 doing 7.22.4 at the nurburgring that just blow's me away the corvette ZR1 it's my favorate car so with out a doubt the corvette ZR1 is the bargin of the century.
  4. Lol @ making comparisons based on video game performances...
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  6. ACR>ZR1>GTR>GT2, always will be. The time of 7:22 seems bogus to me because the ACR has a full aero package and racier tires than the ZR1 with similar hp/weight and braking performance. I would expect the viper to be several seconds faster (as it was with the ZR1's more believable original time of 7:26).
  7. The ACR time, from watching the video, could be vastly improved. I'm sure with a driver who has more knowledge/seat time with the car will shave off a few seconds.
  8. I saw a pebble on the ground today.

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  10. No, a different gearbox or diff will shave off time
  11. woah Woody settle down , it says you edited this message , did you take out all the punctuation ?
  12. Ring times are the new 0-60/quarter mile times for bench racers and measurebators.

    I actually used to enjoy comparing Nurburgring times before it became associated with this crap. All these cars are #$%#ing awesome performance cars and all of them have had enough independent testing to prove that. Instead of making it a personal crusade to figure out whether or not these manufacturers are trying to trick you or lie to you, how about appreciating that the best road legal performance cars ever are here now.
  13. qft
  14. This topic delivers.
  18. stop being mean to her she's a loveley woman
  19. who cares, lets face it in the real world the chances of a ZR1, GTR and ACR meeting up to race is slim. They are all great cars but in the end they will end up racing teenagers in their ricers 99.9 percent of the time
  20. NO U

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