ZR1 posts new 7:22.4 ring time

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by lucky strike, Oct 28, 2008.

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  2. ..unless you really want it, say aye.
  3. meh
    thios thread will die for a few months anyways

    And then probably be a flame fest when the spec V hits the ring in April <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
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    The claimed 7:22.4 lap time in the ZR1 has now been confirmed as fake.

    When the lap time was first reported I was suspicious due to the fact that all the blogs which reported the time were citing fastestlaps as their source. Most of you are probably aware of the fact that anybody in the world can post BS lap times on fastestlaps and as it turns out fastestlaps removed the fake 7:22.4 lap time a few hours after it was posted. That did not stop a million blogs from reporting it in the mean time.

    Then I stumbled across this reply on a corvetteforum thread that was reporting the supposed lap time:

    "Just as well as it isn't true. Just received confirmation from a well-placed source on the Corvette program. Ring season has ended and the Corvette team has not been back there since Mero's run.
    Sorry folks.
    Moderator? Lock please."

    Link: http://forums.corvetteforum.com/1567639882-post25.html

    Then some time in January Road&Track USA reported the 7:22.4 lap time again in their "Lords of the Ring" special which made me even more confused. So I questioned R&T regarding their source for the supposed 7:22.4 lap time and this is the response I got from their Assistant Road Test Editor which finally confirmed that the 7:22.4 lap time is complete BS:

    "We can safely report that the time of 7:22.4 is absolutely bogus. We finally got confirmation from Tadge Juechter (Corvette Chief Engineer) that Jan Magnussen was State-side during the time period that the car was at the 'Ring, thereby completely negating the possibility of him driving the car during that session.

    When we went to print, we couldn't get anybody to deny the time, and due to the margin between Magnussen's time and Merro's 7:26.4, we felt the '22.4 lap time was entirely plausible.

    Thanks for revisiting the issue and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention.
    Calvin Kim
    Assistant Road Test Editor"

    Link: http://forums.roadandtrack.com/showpost.php?p=34876&postcount=2
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    If this is true... Ron Killings died a little inside.
  6. Its been true but the fans are thick skulled here.
  7. yea iam a fan of the zr1 but i knew the "new time" was bs.
  8. delete this thread
  9. And you aren't.
  10. So whats the non-bs time?
  11. As far as we can tell the 7:26.4 lap time is genuine and there is no reason to doubt it.

    What people don't seem to understand is that I am not claiming that GM lied about a 7:22.4 lap time. Because GM had NOTHING to do with the 7:22.4 lap time and they are equally bewildered by how quickly this piece of BS has spread across the web.

    As fas as I can tell a small group of net users, most probably closely tied with Xeyad Bakri of Motorgears blog, worked in unison to post the fake lap time on fastestlaps and simultaneously blog it, quickly, before fastestlaps admin pulled it down. You'll notice that the Autoblog source used on your lap times list uses Motorgears as their source.

    GM had nothing to do with the 7:22.4 lap time. There was NO GM press release and NO video. You can imagine their surprise when a million blogs reported the time.
  12. Nissan strikes back.
  13. Also, any reason why Top Gear hasnt tested the ZR1 yet? They did manage to import and test a GTR before its launch last year. Cant they do the same with the ZR1?
  14. the GTR is kinda of a big deal...
  15. an 86 year old guy in my home town just bought a GT-R. He also owns a Z06 and a Viper
  16. kul
  17. i want that chik, forget her name but shes the most experiensed driver at N'ring to take the ZR1 for a spin around N'ring (mind the spelling)
  18. i want you to take me around the nring
  19. She's a chick which automatically makes her slower. Also, that particular woman is VERY annoying.
  21. Who cares, shes a driver, you don't have to marry her.
  22. exactly, as long as she can pull off a fast lap time, thats all you need
  23. cool car...
  24. you talking bout the ZR1?

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