ZR1 vs GTR test

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Ron Simmons, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Someone should be smacked for disgracing the good name of the ZR1, by comparing it a modern-day 300ZXtt. Smacked Hard
  2. Why, because it is the first Japanese car to come with the Playstation already installed?
  3. I thought that Playstation thing was some sort of joke but now I'm wondering if it actually does have a Playstation in it?
  4. Sony really did help Nissan develop some of the electronics for it
  5. But is there acually a real, no fooling Playstation in it?
  6. No. Just a whole lot of buttons and a big screen with a ton of telemetry that would be useful if you're interested in voiding the warranty.
  7. Okay. I wouldn't have been suprised if there was one though.

    Cause a PS in the glovebox would be the single most retarded thing you could put in the car.
  8. blah blah, im a gm fanboy, my favourite company as of late is barely hanging on by a thread, and the only interesting car they make is a corvette. its the japs fault we have such a shitty reputation for reliability and build quality, they cheated cus they used advanced technology and motivation to be better than the compeitition. but what can we say. our retarded managers keep thinking the soccer moms ov america are goina buy suvs forever.
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    WOW, some people can't take jokes can they? Besides, owning a Scion TC automatically gives me the privilege of calling any car I want to rice. Stop being such a little #%!@.
  11. Who's a GM fanboy?
  12. plus:
  13. Polyphony helped make the digital information center. They are the same people that made GranTourismo.
  14. Time to drop bricks.
  15. i hate people that cant take a #$%#ing god dam joke, it pisses me off
  16. you foamin' bro?
  17. just expressing my fealings
  18. What a POSER.
  25. how is he poser???

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