ZR1 vs Veyron vs CCXR

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by bananatucker, Feb 10, 2010.

  2. abraham linkon and the prince of persia #$%#ERS
  3. i pawned your moms ass
  4. did you enjoy it i know your dad did
  5. yeah he told me about that #%[email protected]!
  6. I'll see you there then...
  7. only the one with a retarded son
  8. no
  9. oh that must be me
  10. it is a step forward, i mean, admitting it..
  11. Veynisegg ZR1
  12. nice bump of an useless thread
  13. theres no ignoring it
  14. My turds can fly faster.
  15. The veyron is French just like the poogots in lemans it will just start on fire. obviously the germans won this one.
  16. count me in here~!

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