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Main Photographers - Dirk de Jager (BE), Alex Marks (US, FL), Nicolas Jeannier (FR), Leo Fliman (US, IL), Loic Kernen (FR), Tristan de Carro (AUS), Michael Van De Velde (NL), Himasha Widyaratne (UAE)

Contributing Photographers - Julien Giambagli (FR), Matteo Stucchi (CH), James Franklin (UK), Florian B (FR), Benjamin Coutan (UAE)

Retired Photographers - Julien Constans (CA), Tim Scott (UK), Jason Thorgalsen (US, NJ), Mike Laney (US, MI), Stephan Bauer (CA), Ilya Holt (UK), Alan Witthoft (UK), Steve Havelock (UK), Scott Schwartz (US, OH), James Franklin (UK), Eric Minof (US, CA), Spyder Dobrofsky (US, CA) Mission
Since the inception of, we have offered complete coverage of international sports cars. Our mission is to deliver this information in a concise and organized manner at no cost to our users.

Over the last 3 years we have developed an online community to share information in a forum environment. Increasingly, we are developing our software to promote open discussion on anything automotive.
Who owns and runs was started by Richard Owen and Daniel Guillamot in 1996. Together we put one of the first automotive pages on what was, at the time, a very spacious world wide web. We formed a third entity, Publishing Inc, which now owns 100% of the site. Main operations are still managed by Richard and Dan.
How can I advertise on
Please use the contact form
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Our servers are managed by Softlayer in the Seattle, Washington datacenter. The systems are Quad Processor Dual Core Opteron 8212s with 8GB of ram and Intel SSD harddisks.
Can I use images?
We allow third parties to use for non-commercial purposes including private study, school papers and printing personal photos.
Can I republish images?
As we have spent the last couple years attending concours and motor sport events, our image library gets larger every year. If you would like to feature any of our shots, please use the contact form.
Why do I get so many popups?
There are several different things contributing to the amount of popups on Things to look out for is secretly installed spy-ware that displays pop ups on other websites. Download Ad AWare from Lavasoft to scan your computer for stealth pop-up spawning software. The other solution is to create a Premium Account and remove all advertising completely.
Images save as PicFetch2.gif, any fixes?
When you try to save a large image off, the system will save the file as PicFetch2.gif. To save any images properly on your local computer make sure you rename the file with a .jpg extension. Example: bmw_m3.jpg
Can I add a car to
We welcome suggestions for cars to be included in the database. If you have information and images on a specific car, those details would be most helpful in adding it to the database. Send all information using the contact form.
The picture of the day doesn't change!
An artifact of web browsers is to cache internet sites so files do not have to be re-downloaded. Unfortunately this causes websites to seem the same day after day. To avert these effects, push shift & reload (or Shift + F5) on the appropriate page.
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This means the system is down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Accounts

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Since 2000, has allowed members to create accounts free of charge. This account lets our users post on the forum system and modify personal preferences. If you haven't already, you can make an account here:
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Everything you need to modify your account can be found in the account manager. You can get there at anytime from the top-drop box on the login bar, or by following this link:
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Try logging off and then back on via the menu bar. If the menu bar fails to appear, the server that logs you in is down and you will not be able to login.
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What is acceptable and inacceptable behaviour on the forums?
Due to the extensive answer to this question, an entire page has been made listing the Community Guidelines:
How do I post a reply?
To make a post you must be a registered member. Ensure you are logged onto the system. You can do so via the menu bar atop any page. Once you have correctly logged onto the system, post, quote and reply links should appear within the messages.
After I Post, nothing happens!!
In some cases your connection to the server may have disconnected during which time the post was actually completed but the server could not send a confirmation page to you. If you post images in your message, please allow the extra time to upload the files to the system. Maximum size for images per post is 2MB. Upload time can vary between 20 seconds to 5 minutes depending on your connection to us.
Duplicate or Multiple posts.
If you accidentally post the same message twice, it is your responsibly to delete any extraneous messages. If you do not delete duplicate messages, it will be determined as spam and you will be dealt with accordingly.
Why can't I post in European cars? Or other General Forums
The general discussion areas including European, Japanese, & American cars have restrictions placed upon thread creation. You must have 50 or more posts to create a thread in these areas. Less threads keep these highly trafficked forums in order. This restriction is not placed on the Help Forum.
Can I be a Moderator?
From time to time will remove moderators that have been absent for long periods, or do not act according to Community Guidelines. If you wish to become a moderator, become an active member of the community, promote healthy automotive discussion and help the moderators with anything that breaks the forum guidelines. Moderators are hand picked and are not voted for.
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How do do I create a poll?
You must be a Supercar Messiah, having 5000 posts and good karma.
How do ranks work?
0-50 = New Member 51-500 = Member (make topics)
501-1000 = Senior Member
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5001-10000 = Supercar Messiah (create polls)
10000+ = Custom Rank (Whatever you want to call yourself)