Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat

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    Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat
    The X132 Hellcat Combat is not the type of two-wheeled roadboat to answer the urge of that mid-life Easy Rider fantasy. This thing is built around the fastest big block V-twin motor ever. It was designed for breaking land speed records at Bonneville and that’s what it does. With a top road speed of 200mph, this thing will peel dads off the back before they can say “Wild Hogs.”

  2. "with a top speed of 200mph" with literally no wind protection. I bet that's fun :s
  3. It wouldnt be fun if youre a little pussy. But if you have a good set of balls on ya itd be a blast!
  4. looks angry.

    i want an A-10 shark jaws on mine.
  5. Get rid of the pseudo army shite and that is pretty sweet.
  6. disagree, its pretty bad ass in that army drab
  7. would be so menacing
  8. motorcycles don't need frames anymore?
  9. Nah. Even the latest Ducati has gone for the whole "bolt everything to the engine" thing, except they've used quite a bit of carbon fiber.
  10. Any downside to that?
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    I'm no expert so I can't say, but I'm sure a number of manufacturers do it/have done it. BMW's boxers tend to be like this - stripped R1200 below, you can see the front suspension is bolted to the engine, and the rear subframe to the transmission so there's no real frame as you'd normally expect.

    The other one that immediately springs to mind for me is the Britten V1000

    Pretty crazy story, that one. I suppose a benefit that its creator achieved was that it weighed very little as it was just carbon fiber attached to everything, so it only weighed something like 140kgs - the Panigale is, I think, 170kgs.

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