The Worlds only Lotus Esprit GT1/GT2 race car

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  1. Description:
    In 1995 Lotus GT1 Engineering was formed using core personnel from the recently closed Lotus Formula One team. The new team?s sole purpose was to design and develop a dedicated GT1 version of the Lotus Esprit V8 and to compete with them in the 1996 BPR Global GT series, with a future view to competing at the Le Man 24 hr race.
    These cars actually shared hardly any components with the road going Esprit. The silhouette was very similar to the road car but aside from rear light lenses, exterior door handles and badges virtually all else was either purpose made or were dedicated race components.
    Only three cars were built at great expense. These were numbered 114-001, 002 & 003 (one of these was replaced after being destroyed by a fire on track during '96, with the 'roasted' shell now being a "wall-hanger"). These works cars were very fast and competitive in GT1, but failed to make a major impact due to a plethora of niggling reliability problems.
    Mike Haines Racing now offers the worlds only remaining complete, totally unique Lotus Esprit V8 GT2 (or to GT1 spec., if required) Race Car.
    Whilst the car is eligible for the GT-90 revival series and many other historic racing series, it will of course appeal to the really serious car collector.
    Formally GT1 (chassis 114-001) factory car from 1996, raced in BPR by Jan Lammers, Perry McCarthy, Chris Goodwin & Andy Wallace. A proven Race winner, Pole sitter and Fastest lap setting car.
    Mike Haines Racing successfully overcame all of the many minor (and not so minor) inbuilt reliability problems.
    Minor changes had made the car eligible in GT2 racing (i.e. ballast, narrower tyres and smaller air restrictors) and followed by a very comprehensive development program, car 001 was campaigned with much success in GT2 races, both in the UK and Europe during 2000 and 2001.
    The history of the other cars is believed to be: -
    Car 002 was sadly destroyed by arson whilst it was inside a car dealer?s showroom some years ago.
    Car 003 was very heavily damaged at Oulton Park some years ago; most of the salvageable parts were sold by the person responsible for the demise of Car 002. The few remaining parts were not thought to be viable as a rebuild project.
    Mike Haines Racing also constructed a LHD ?clone? of 114-001 to be raced in 2001, this was sadly very badly damaged at Catalunya in 2001, so there is only the one!

    Specification for car 114-001
    Carbon composite body shell with bonded-in cage, car dry weight 940kgs (currently ballasted to 1000kgs), 575 BHP (on 33.3mm intake restrictors) 3.5 litre Quad-Cam, Twin Turbo, Chargecooled V8, 6 Speed Hewland 'TGT' Sequential Transverse Transmission, Aff dual fire electric full specification Extinguishers, Motec Engine Management and Data Logging, Penske Triple Adjustable Lightweight Dampers, AP Six-Pot brakes all round, AP Air Jacks, ATL Fuel Cells, currently sitting on 18? dia Speedline or Dymag wheels (9? fronts and 14? rears) and Dunlop slicks, Etc. This is now arguably one of the best non-factory GT2 fully sorted Cars available anywhere on the planet.
    Also all of the equipment needed to run the GT car (i.e. fuel dump churns, vent bottles, air bottles, regulators, air-jack lances, Motec beacon (for circuits without a Master beacon),Etc.

    In addition, there is also a very comprehensive spares package available for sale separately, price to be negotiated, consisting of virtually a complete car (i.e. the remains of ?the LHD clone?) which include; a spare TGT transmission, a spare race engine with only 6 hours logged this was dyno-ed at 585 BHP, engine block, brakes, suspension, fuel systems, drive shafts, the shattered bodyshell/chassis/rollcage is even available, dozens of springs: all original factory chassis jigs, spare body panels, 20+ Wheels & tyres and lots, lots more. Etc., (will fill a 7,500 kgs truck)
  2. They should repaint it.
  3. Engine looks hot.
  4. i think its not original... it was custom made.
  5. Your insights are stupendous.
  6. Doesn't look origional.
  7. The history on those other two seem strange to me. One gets burned and the same guy sells alot of parts of the other car <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A>
  8. "The silhouette was very similar to the road car but aside from rear light lenses, exterior door handles and badges virtually all else was either purpose made or were dedicated race components."

    Thank you Master of Stating the Obvious...
  9. They should rebuild it and repaint it to exactly the state it was when it entered it's first race.

    GT1 spec, 1995 livery (?) and then sell it to me.
  10. *edit* - Give it to me! :D

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