WRC 2012

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  1. Has been awesome thus far.

    Citroen is now Loeb + Hirvonen.
    Ford is now Latvala + Solberg (my two favorite drivers last season).

    Plus drama: Ogier got bumped out of top class and is racing around in a VW run S2000 car.

    New stage starting rules are great, with stage qualifying.
    Power Stages were a great addition.

    Everything is recorded in HD now.

  2. Didn't Ogier leave Citroen to be the #1 driver for VW when they join the WRC in 2013?

    And what's the new stuff? Haven't seen any WRC this year.
    What's up with the broadcasting?
  3. I don't think it's broadcast in the US anymore.

    I just download the ESPN HD rips on racingfor.me . WRC is well covered on that site.

    Edit: And yah, he'll be leading VW when they enter. Right now he's just putting around underclassed.
  4. It's a shambles.

    Two manufacturers until VW come in, MINI canned because BMW cba with it so they've only got one team.

    The cars are crap and realistically only Loeb will ever win.
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    Just looked at Sweden results.

    Ya right buddy.

    New broadcaster altogether? Seems shitter

    EDIT: there good/bad

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