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Amelia Auctions

   Written by Richard Michael Owen.
Great Lineup at Gooding

Further cementing Amelia Island's weekend on the automotive calendar is the Gooding & Company and RM auctions. Together they did $54.9 million in sales this year with relatively few lots.

Gooding's top sale went to a remarkable Bentley 4? with original Le Mans tourer bodywork that sold for $2,750,000. They also broke previous records for the Ferrari 365 GTC, Ferrari 275 GTB Berlinetta, Ferrari 275 GTS and Fiat 8V.

RM benefited from using the Ritz Carlton's ballroom. Front and center was the Duesenberg SJ LaGrande Convertible Coupe that fetched $4,510,000 USD. They also had the privilege of setting records for the Stutz DV32 and Maserati Ghibli Coupe.

One of our favorite lots was the highly-original Ferrari 365 GTC which was delivered new in pink to Morocco. With its original suede upholstery and foreign plates, it fetched $1,072,500 and makes a great example for our model listing.