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2009 Concorso Italiano

2009 Concorso Italiano

Under new ownership, Concorso Italiano was largely improved for 2009. Held at the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch, it was just one stop down from the Historic Races and had the refreshing golf course feel of year’s past. If our 2009 Concorso Italiano gallery is any indication, then the Concorso will be a major event in 2010.

Concorso Italiano is one of Pebble Beach weekend’s most stunning events, packed full of Italian metal new and old, and we mean each of those in both senses. It is held at the golf course at the Bayonet & Blackhorse Golf Club. Concorso Italiano features nearly 1,000 exotic vehicles and is a can’t miss part of the traditional Monterey Bay Car Week.

This year a highlight display was built around Franco Scaglione design including the three Alfa Romeo BATS and the prototype Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale. These were joined by a Stanguellini body that was under restoration.

To demonstrate power in numbers, 15 Ferrari 288 GTOs were assembled along with one of the rare Evolution models. Not far from these were some of the best DeTomasos including Elvis Presley’s completely original Pantera, still intact with a bullet hole in the steering wheel.

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