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2021 Toyota Marai Gets a Facelift

The 2021 Toyota Marai is now available in the US. This is now the second generation of the Toyota Marai and everyone will agree, it is also much better looking.

The Marai is currently only available for purchase in California per, not necessarily a bad thing as hydrogen fueling stations are mostly only located in California and Hawaii at the moment.

Hydrogen-powered cars are currently in the same market as electric vehicles. The Marai is powered using a chemical reaction that extracts hydrogen from its electrons. Once combustion occurs, you are left with zero carbon emissions, 402 miles per tank, and $9,000 less than the price of the 2020 Marai.

2021 Toyota Marai

With the previous generation Marai having the looks of a Prius or something that had “good looks” 3rd or 4th on its priority list. The 2021 Marai is looking really sharp. You can even go as far as to say it looks like a Lexus LS500. 

Not only does the new Marai look good, but it has also updated its spec sheet to reflect its pleasing aesthetics. It is the first production rear-wheel drive fuel cell vehicle. In addition to the 402 miles per tank, you also see 182 horsepowers and 212 foot-pounds of torque. With a 9.1-second zero to 60mph, the Marai takes its time but with a fuel cell car of its beauty, we can wait.