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2022 Ferrari 296 GTS

2022 Ferrari 296 GTS: Video Review Roundup

The drop-top version of Ferrari's entry level supercar

7 months and a handful of days ago, Ferrari’s embargo on video and print reviews of their new 2022 296 GTB was lifted, and we brought you a roundup of video reviews so you didn’t have to go hunting for them. Being creatures of habit, guess what we did for the Spider version, the 2022 296 GTS?

Aiming to be an entry-level car, if such a thing exists for a supercar company, the 296 GTS is just as powerful as its coupe brother at 819 HP. That power comes from a 2.9L twin-turbo V6, with the turbos mounted in a hot-vee configuration, pushing out 645 HP, combined with a transaxle mounted electric motor that adds 167 HP. The motor is powered by a 7.45 kWh battery that can either be charged from an electric main, making it Ferrari’s first true convertible plug-in hybrid, or via regenerative free-spinning and/or braking.

But enough about the powerplant, and you can read up on the coupe version’s features in our in-depth look at the 296 GTB. You’re here to watch some video reviews, so here they are!

Seen Through Glass

More if a fun poke and a bit of a story of a day with the 296 GTS, there is still a review woven into it. One of the more inventive reviews that mixes a good story with a great car.

Complete Car Ireland

Well, the name of the channel really does tell you what the review is going to be like! They manage to squeeze in a ton of information into a lunch-break sized 10 minute review and they come to a rather surprising conclusion about if the Ferrari is not just entry level, but a possible daily driver…


This one is a rather interesting review, as reviewer Richard Lane compares the 296 GTS against cars that are in its power class, such as the McLaren 720S Spider. If we had to distill what this review is about into two words, it would be “brutally honest.”

CAR Magazine

This review tackles the truly important questions of “Does it sound good?” “Is it exciting?” “Is it usable?” Basically, it’s a bit more of a lighthearted review on the the actual things car buyers want to know.

Auto Express

Lastly, we have the review from Auto Express, which feels very much like a review snippet from an hour long car show. That’s not a bad thing at all, it means that they get the most information that is relevant to you without frippery, just straight up facts and figures.

Print Review: Top Gear

First Drive Review & Impressions

Top Gear opted to go with a print review for the 296 GTS unlike the video review they did for the coupe version. If you can’t watch a video where you’re at or prefer print reviews, it’s a quick five minute read with some really great pictures, one of which is actually the header image for this article!

Print Review: EVO Magazine

First Drive Review

Ah, good old EVO Magazine. If it has any form of motor and comes with wheels, they review it, and they do a damned good job at being straight up honest about the car. A denser article, you’ll still be able to polish it off in under 10 minutes