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5 Gateway Supercars Regular People Can Afford

A lot has changed in the world of supercars in the past twenty years. Advanced materials and modern engineering combine to create performance vehicles that can do things we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

If you have your sights set on one of the 24 Aston Martin Vulcans in the world or are waiting patiently for your turn to drive one of the ten Ferrari F60’s that were sold before anyone knew they were in production, you are familiar with the frustrating disconnect between dreams and reality.

You can probably get a Pagani Huayra BC roadster for your garage if you have an extra $2.6 million to invest in your supercar obsession. Sadly, they are all out of coupes.

If that isn’t quite expensive enough for you, check out the $4.85 million Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. You’ll have to get it away from Floyd Mayweather, Jr. though. He bought the only Trevita that’s US-legal.

Not all supercars are inaccessible. For those that are tired of waiting and aren’t sure they’ll be able to put together several million dollars to purchase their dream car while they are still young enough to drive it on or off the track, there are a few gateway supercars available to help make driving dreams come true.

#1 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Price: $120,000

Built in Kentucky, this all-American vehicle has an entry-level price tag that’s still more expensive than many two bedroom homes in rural areas of the United States.

You’ll go from zero to 60 in three seconds in the ZR1, though. This is the most advanced and powerful Corvette ever produced.

A supercharged hand-built 6.2-liter V8 engine with a 2.65-liter Eaton supercharger offers 755 horsepower and 715 pound-feet of torque. The carbon-fiber halo shows off that big engine in a convertible or coupe.

A Performance Data Recorder with a front-mount camera records data while you are on the track. It’s available with the navigation package which also includes heated and vented seats, satellite radio, and a microfiber-wrapped headliner for an extra $10k.

#2 Ferrari Portofino

Price: $212,000

This is a supercar that regular wealthy people can afford. You’ll get the Ferrari nameplate and all the associated status.

It’s zero to 60mph time is 3.4 seconds. This is a car for those who love to drive. The flat-bottomed steering wheel, 10.2-inch infotainment display, and luxuriously butter-soft leather interior remind passengers that they are riding in a $200k + piece of Italian art.

The Portofino is a step up from the Ferrari California. It’s 176 pounds lighter and engineers increased the pressure in the combustion chamber by 10%. The new software allows the 7-speed dual clutch transmission to shift faster. The Portofino’s suspension is stiffer than the California’s, but improved software maintains excellent ride quality.

#3 McLaren 570S

Price: $195,000

Dihedral doors command attention. This is the car you buy when you want to be stared at by strangers. The British supercar has a twin-turbo V-8 mid-engine that goes from zero to sixty in 3.1 seconds.

This supercar is the lightest in its class with a mid-mounted V8 providing the highest power-to-weight ratio. Set the system to Track, Normal, or Sport to optimize the driving experience for any scenario.

Don’t have $195,000 to lay down for a supercar? You can lease a McLaren 570S for $20,000 down and just $1,988 per month. With this deal, you can drive 2,500 miles per year on a 47-month closed-end contract.

#4 Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupe

Price: $203,000

It has a V10 and boasts 573 horses. You’ll go zero to sixty in 2.8 seconds. Designed to fulfill the desires of real sports car drivers, this rear-wheel-drive vehicle is a high-tech version of the most drivable cars in history.

The SPORT setting allows maximum thrills while driving by offering slight oversteer. In CORSA mode, race driving is easy and satisfying. For traveling and daily driving, STRADA mode offers 100% control and maximum grip on the road.

The Lamborghini Double Clutch transmission translates this vehicle’s power perfectly for the ultimate exhilarating driving experience.

#5 Porsche 911

Price: $114,450

It’s classic, but not boring. With 443 horses under the hood of the 2020 Carrera S Coupe, new technology makes reckless driving a bit safer.

It may not look much different, but the newest 911 rear-wheel-drive has an upgraded engine, interior, and exterior. The all-wheel-drive version starts at $133,400.

The eight-speed dual-clutch PDK automatic transmission is the only, and best, option. Later in 2020, a manual option will become available for those that prefer a more hands-on driving experience. This vehicle goes zero to sixty in 3.7 seconds.

Wet Driving Mode detects moisture on the road, offering the driver a warning to engage Wet Mode. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) is a new standard feature on the 2020 911.

There are five options here for the moderately wealthy or the die-hard supercar fans that have been saving their five dollar bills for decades. Driving a supercar comes will all sorts of perks that go beyond a three-second acceleration-related thrill.

Porsche Experience Centers in Los Angeles and Atlanta offer buyers free driving school instruction on how to get the most out of their new car. After all, for just over $100k, you’ll want to understand how best to enjoy the feeling of being glued to the road while experiencing the odd sensation of being watched by the world as you drive by.