Ferrari Model List: Every Ferrari, Every Year

The complete Ferrari model list. Painstakingly researched & updated for each model year. Find the current model list, vintage Ferraris, & model lists by year.

Ferrari Concept Cars

The folks at Ferrari know how to get us excited by creating some cool and future looking concepts. Over the years Ferrari has blown us away with concepts and future cars. We have rounded up the best collection of Ferrari concept cars in the world.

Ferrari Special Editions & One Offs

Ferrari is already one of the most exclusive carmakers in the world and just about everything that Ferrari builds can be consider limited and unique relative to other carmakers. However, there are some limited edition and special edition Ferrari models that are truly rare. Ferrari has offered numerous limited or one-off editions of its vehicles over the years. Some limited editions were built with a production run of as low as five units while the one-off models were built for some of the company’s most exclusive clients or as prototypes to gauge feedback. In recent years it has become a part of the Ferrari offering. Back in 2007, Ferrari announced its Special Projects programme that gave their most prized and wealthy collectors the chance to create their own project.

Ferrari Sports Prototypes & Race Cars

Ferrari 340 MM Ferrari 340 MM (1953)

Ferrari 375 MM Ferrari 375 MM (1953)

Ferrari 625 TF Ferrari 625 TF (1953)

Ferrari 735 S Ferrari 735 S (1953)

Ferrari 118 LM Ferrari 118 LM (1954)

Ferrari 121 LM Ferrari 121 LM (1955)

Ferrari 376 S Ferrari 376 S (1955)

Ferrari 735 LM

Ferrari 735 LM (1955)

Ferrari 857 S Ferrari 857 S (1955)

Ferrari 500 TR Ferrari 500 TR (1956)

Ferrari 625 LM Ferrari 625 LM (1956)

Ferrari 410 S Ferrari 410 S (1956)

Ferrari Full Model List

Ferrari 166 Inter

Ferrari 166 Inter (1948-1950)

Ferrari 195 Inter Ferrari 195 Inter (1950-1950)

Ferrari 212 Inter Ferrari 212 Inter  (1951–1952)

Ferrari 250 Ferrari 250 Range (1953–1964)